Season Of Novels – Season 1

Season Of Novels – Season 1

SEASON 1 – African Voices

This story is about a young man who helps the daughter of a wicked king to restore balance to their once lively and peaceful village. The people of Goha knew there was going to be calamity in the village, whichever way the verdict went. Guy Young had been summoned to the palace to defend himself against an accusation of treason and childnapping.

The adventures of Guy Young follows the path of trying to unravel the truth behind the deadly King Kang’s plan for the village.

King Kang, the junior brother of King Kong, had forcefully seized the throne and imprisoned his senior brother who was the rightful heir to the throne. Desperate to save the village from a powerful time bomb, which before now had been an open secret, Guy Young teams up with the beautiful and mysterious daughter of Kang, Meba. Together, they set out on one long trail to defeat the merciless King Kang.

[Author: Alex Bruno (Ghana), © May, 2020, The Telescope International. All Rights Reserved.]

Imagine sleeping and having a sweet dream about your perfect soul mate and waking up to find him or her standing right before you –  that is the story of the Twilight. It is about the life of two young people, Aku and Kobina, who fell in love mysteriously, after each of them kept dreaming about the other. It is like they both kept having the same dream anytime they went to bed. Meanwhile, the two of them happened to find themselves in different parts of the country. Their dream came true when they met in a lecture hall at the university where they confirmed and confessed their love to each other. Though they were both coy and shocked at the beginning, they later realised that, fate had indeed brought them together and that, dreams can become reality.

Read on to enjoy the fun with Aku and Kobina…

[Author: Yasinta  Daniel (Tanzania), © May, 2020, The Telescope International. All Rights Reserved.]

“Kolokpa, are you simply a fool or much more?” Sisi fixed her eyes on his merry face which tensed slightly.

“Perhaps I just fell into coma, so I’m deaf to any tight-lipped utterances.” Kolokpa retorted.

This is the daily castigations and rebuttals between Kolokpa and his sister Sisi.

This comic story relates the life of one young man, Steve (Kolokpa) Lamptey. Kolokpa is the physically deformed son of Papa Kpa and Maame Kokpa; a deformity that paints a ridiculous picture of the man wherever he goes. He also has a short temper which doesn’t allow him to take any slighting lightly at all. Kolokpa, together with an equally funny buddy, Pope Bongo, wreaks havoc all over their small Lebanon neighbourhood. However, Kolokpa is one brilliant man but his nature makes him appear the opposite. For instance, he has been able to scientifically prove that 1+1=12, and his favourite quote is that, “When you combine a woman and a Mercedes Benz, the end result is a broken heart”. His sister Sisi, wants to change him, but can one really transform a naturally deformed and funny person? How this is going to happen, we live to see.

[Author: Sunday Kenechi Oladipo (Nigeria), © May, 2020, The Telescope International. All Rights Reserved.]

This fable is about a very cunning, smart but greedy animal called Ananse. He was the wealthiest animal in his village and was envied by all the other animals. Even kings from other villages adored him for his success. Ananse was very greedy and his greed had no bounds. These chronicles tell of his mischievious exploits and misdeeds. We begin with a callous idea he had one day to expand his wealth. He decided to use his daughter to dupe the young men of the village. He planned a contest where the young men would compete and the last man standing would marry his daughter. The chief of the village – Monkey, who envied Ananse, used that opportunity to steal all of Ananse’s wealth. As to whether Ananse will become poorer or richer, the story will tell.

[Author: Rachel Hormeku (Ghana), © May, 2020, The Telescope International. All Rights Reserved.]

Joseph was a lazy spoilt brat who knew how to do virtually nothing. He and Grace, his sister, had to live with their aunt after their parent’s death. Due to their aunt’s ill-treatment, they both agreed that, every little dime that they had, they were going to save it. This brought an end to Joseph’s laziness but after sometime, Joseph became too tight-fisted. He started failing to give assistance when it was needed – sometimes to his own siblings (brother Josh and sister Grace). He became too stingy until one particular day, a constant plea of mercy from his beloved sister, caused him to help an unknown and desperate stranger.

Joseph’s future became a mess with business and health. Luckily, he landed himself a deal but found out that, that deal was from a friend he once denied helping. On remembering Joseph’s misdeed, the friend decided to change his mind. How was Joseph going to convince him? If he did not get that deal, his life (health & money) were over.  

Before things could get any worse, an angel showed up – the stranger he helped. But as to whether the stranger was going to help him or not, the question remained. This story is about life and the true benefits derived in giving rather than receiving.

[Author: Udidzi John (Nigeria), © May, 2020, The Telescope International. All Rights Reserved.]

It is a story centered on the murder of a young insignificant boy – Yaro, who was stabbed mysteriously and heinously in the chest by an unknown assailant. Detective Suhaiba Ibrahim, one of the nation’s best sleuths, together with his team, tried to nail the murderer. But as determined as they were to close the case, someone or probably something, was trying so hard to sabotage their efforts. As to whether that factor was within or without, it was a mystery. Outcomes day in day out, only ended up changing the direction of the case. After a series of investigations, it was concluded that, the murder was just a revenge for one tiny, irreversible but avoidable mistake.

[Author: Banleman Banan (Ghana), © May, 2020, The Telescope International. All Rights Reserved.]

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