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Writers World

We Groom Writers, Authors And Bloggers

The Telescope Writers World

The Telescope Writers World is where we groom great authors and bloggers, and help them to build their portfolios and showcase their works as our Writing Training Programme trains them in the art of writing. We have great authors and writers who are versatile and can write on multiple genre of stories, novels and blog articles. They write their own original pieces and also take inspiration from other classics and masterpieces of legendary authors like the ones listed below.

Blogging And Writing Training

Blogging & Creative Writing

Our writing programme is not just about creative writing. We also teach our Telescopes (trainees) how to professionally blog and vlog. Blogging is an exciting part of the writing spectrum which can even become a career and earn great revenue for the blogger if done right. One of the fundamental qualities of a good writer, is one who is able to write creatively with little or no mistakes. So as part of our writing training, our Telescopes get the opportunity to learn how to clean up their grammatical errors and also how to avoid plagiarism. After going through the training, we give them space on our Campus Fila platforms for them to blog and write to gain working experience.


Satisfy Your Thirst For Juicy Readings

Season Of Novels

We know you have a thirst for reading quality novels and stories. Hence, we have responded with the Season Of Novels episodes from our elite writers. Behold, six juicy, interesting, suspenseful and loving stories and novels.

SEASON 1 – The African Voice

  • Alex Bruno (Ghana)
  • Yasinta Daniel (Tanzania)
  • Sunday Kenechi Oladipo (Nigeria)
  • Rachel Hormeku (Ghana)
  • Udidzi John (Nigeria)
  • Banleman Banan (Ghana)

Our Writers, Authors And Bloggers Are Trained

Writing Training

Our objective for taking trainees through the Writing Training Programme is to make them professional writers who are also versatile. That means we train them to be able to write on anything and on any topic without breaking a sweat; even if the person is not familiar with the topic area. There are many, many ways that one can become successful through writing.  However, one needs to learn the tricks of the trade and that is exactly what our writing programme has been designed to do for those who will join us because of writing.


Journalism & Writing Projects

As part of our operations, we undertake projects in our various focus areas to achieve results and to also make impact.
These projects are usually based on research conducted as well as our objectives for each particular year. Below are some of our Journalism and Writing Projects.

NBU - Aflatoon Training - Cover

NBU – Aflatoon Training


Journalism & Writing Events

Cover - 4th Congress - Day 3 - Conference

4th Congress – SAIC 2015-2 – Day 3 – Ice Conference

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