Volunteerism Programme Overview

Volunteerism Programme Overview


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Anybody at all can volunteer and everyone should undertake some form of volunteering activity at one point or another in the person’s life. Making impact in the lives of the less privileged or taking action to help solve a major societal problem, is a very good thing. It can help you to make new friends, build new connections and networks, learn new skills etc. At TTCJN, we understand the importance of volunteerism so we have a lot of volunteerism programmes available.


We teach and assist in deprived basic schools.


We serve as mentors and role models to children.

Global Issues Focus

We focus on specific SDGs and take action in those areas.

TTYLAN Activities

We collaborate with the TTYLAN Division on projects.

About Our Programmes

Our Volunteerism Programmes

Our mission is to train students and help them to gain real working experience whilst still in school, with the aim of tackling graduate unemployment. Whilst at it, we imbue the sense of selflessness in them through volunteerism activities.  This is because, we believe that, life is not all about work. One should have empathy and should also be willing to give back to society. So as we train students, we also take them through volunteering activities:

  • Education: TTCJN members go and teach in deprived basic schools to support the education of those communities.
  • Mentorship: As we teach the kids in the deprived communities, each TTCJN member also adopts a little boy or little girl and becomes a big brother or big sister to the kid so as to serve as mentors and role models to them.
  • Environment: As the future generation, we see it as our duty to protect the environment. Our focus is on climate change and the menace of plastics.

We focus on nine aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we have put all our focus areas under four main groups:

Winifred Bonsu

Volunteerism Programmes Manager


Volunteerism And Causes Center

Selflessness and service to humanity are two of the greatest attributes that any young person should have. Hence, as part of our mission, as we train students to gain working experience and develop professionalism, we also take them through volunteerism programmes and global issues, to imbue the sense of selflessness and patriotism in them. Indeed, at the moment, we have made a lot of impact in the various communities that we have served so far.


150 +

Trainees & Alumni

33000 +

Community Members

15 +

Years Of History

1000 +

Volunteerism Impacted Lives

We Impact Several African Countries

Continentwide Impact

Countries We Impact Include: Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe.

Our Actions Get Results

Impact Of Our Actions

Cover - Volu 2016-1 - UG

TTCJN is really making a lot of impact through its volunteerism programmes. The evidence is clearly shown in our key performance indicators. As has already been mentioned, we focus on nine aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – which have all been categorized into four groups to make it easy for us to achieve our objectives. We always draw up an action plan and undertake projects and programmes in each of our member countries. So far, we have made a lot of impact in the deprived communities that we have been serving as well as the basic schools that we have been assisting. Our members have also personally impacted the lives of some of the pupils they adopted as their little brothers and little sisters.

Current Main Volunteerism Project

Current Flagship Cause

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Pupils of the Abokobi Presby 1 Basic School don’t have sufficient computers and ICT teachers. Hence, they end up with poor performances in their final BECE exams. Over the past 10 years, their best performance in ICT has been Aggregate 15. If nothing is done about the situation, this trend will continue.

We have decided to organize six (6) months of free ICT classes for all the pupils together with our partners and stakeholders.

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Training And Results

Our objective is to train and mentor each Telescope (trainee) so that (s)he will gain professional skills and build professional career portfolios. Additionally, (s)he will build networking portfolios in any of our focus; thus, enhancing his/her value. The whole programme lasts for two years, during which the Telescope (trainee) receives training through our facilitators, mentors and coaches. We have carefully designed training curricula and Telescopes undertake real practical projects and assume real roles in order to gain real working experience, management skills, leadership skills and entrepreneurial skills.


More News And Reports About Our Work

Volunteerism Projects

00. NBU - Social Impact Award - cover

NBU – Social Impact Project Award

00. NBU - 3rd Graduation - cover

NBU Training – 3rd Batch Of Trainees Graduate

NBU - Aflatoon Training - Cover

NBU – Aflatoon Training

Impact Related Events

Volunteerism Events

Cover - Volu 2017-2 - UG

Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Prog. 2017-2 (Greater Accra – Abokobi Presby “1”)

Cover - Volu 2016-2 - Monitoring

Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Prog. 2016-2 (Monitoring – Mr. Minkah’s Visits)

Cover - Volu 2016-2 - UCC

Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Prog. 2016-2 (Cape Coast – Imam Khomeni Islamic Basic)

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Members & Volunteers Training

The volunteerism programmes of TTCJN have been designed to inculcate the spirit of selflessness and patriotism in all our members, so as to help them to get the opportunity to impact the lives of the less privileged in society. For us to achieve this objective, all Telescopes undergo a volunteerism training before they are assigned volunteerism projects.

The training ensures that Telescopes understand what volunteerism is and how to handle their mentees. They also get to understand our chosen global issues and do their part to positively impact the world. Those who are interested in NGO work are also taken through our NGO Work training programme and they end up building their own NGOs or effectively get employed in existing NGOs.


Our Volunteerism Programme Categories

Global Issues &
SDGs We Focus On

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are seventeen (17) well-thought out goals that the world hopes to achieve by 2030. They were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

Inasmuch as each of the seventeen (17) goals was crafted to target a specific aspect of life, they are integrated. That is, action in one area will affect outcomes in other areas. Hence, development must balance social, economic and environmental sustainability factors.

The ambition is to reduce most of the ills of the world to ‘zeros’ – zero poverty, hunger, AIDS and discrimination against women and girls etc. Everybody is needed to reach these ambitious targets. Hence, The Telescope International has decided to play its part, through TTCJN’s volunteerism programmes, to help achieve these global goals.

However, we are not focusing on all seventeen (17) goals. Rather, we have chosen to focus on nine (9) of the goals. Our chosen goals have further been categorized into four groups to make it easy to implement. That notwithstanding, our projects and programmes are integrated in the sense that, each project or programme impacts not just one goal, but is always a combination of multiple goals.

Our Volunteerism Programme Categories

Our Education
Volunteerism Programmes

We are passionate about education because, it is an established fact that, most of the problems that are being faced in Africa, can be mitigated if quality education is ensured in each country. Education affects poverty positively, it reduces inequalities, improves maternal mortality and health in general, ensures that decent jobs are created to tackle unemployment and protects the environment, our climate and our water bodies. In short, it underlies all the SDGs that we have decided to focus on.

Education is the very first Group of Causes that we have decided to focus on. And it is the only SDG which stands alone as a group in our focus areas.

Our objective is to train and mentor students and give them real working experience whilst still in school so as to tackle graduate unemployment. In so doing, we also ensure that we inculcate in them the spirit of selflessness and patriotism. Therefore, we have decided to undertake education-related volunteerism activities in deprived communities so as to help the less endowed in society. Our education-related volunteerism programme is known as the Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme. Basically, it is an education and a mentorship programme that has been designed to help the children in the deprived communities to improve upon their academics and to also get role models.

This programme is very important because, according to data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), of all the regions of the world, Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rates of education exclusion.

  • Over 1/5 of children between the ages of about 6 and 11 are out of school,
  • Followed by 1/3 of youth between the ages of about 12 and 14.
  • And almost 60% of youth between the ages of about 15 and 17 are not in school.

These are just a few of the reasons why we believe that attention should be given to education. Thus, we have decided to partner with the Ministries of Education of our member countries to carry out volunteer programmes to help deprived communities.

Quality education in sub-Saharan Africa has a couple of challenges and we are determined to help ameliorate the situation through our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme.


Sustainable Development Goal 4 –  Quality Education For All By 2030

  • Teacher Shortages:

According to data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), seven out of ten countries face an acute shortage of teachers. 9 million teachers are still needed to fill the existing classrooms in the whole of Africa for children to receive primary education. Out of that number, sub-Saharan Africa alone requires 1.1 million teachers because the region has the lowest scores and rates in regard to education.

  • Girl-Child Education

Available UIS data indicates that, literacy rates based on genders is lower for females and it is possible to decrease maternal mortality rate with the help of education. Statistics also show that, it can decrease by up to seventy percent if every girl receives primary education.

Our Volunteerism Programme Categories

Our Mentorship
Volunteerism Programme

Mentorship and coaching are very key in the developmental process of every child; especially if the person is from a deprived community or doesn’t have major role models in his/her life. We have decided to make an impact in each of the deprived communities that we have targeted through education. However, upon initiating our education volunteerism programme, it became evident that, it will be necessary to also offer some form of mentorship and coaching to the children in the deprived schools that we will be serving. So mentoring was added to our education programme and our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme was born.

The mentorship aspect of the programme is very key in the sense that:

  • Most of the children in the deprived communities have not known any life aside the life of depravity that they were born into.
  • Some of them have no major role models to look up to. Thus, they are not ambitious and don’t know how to dream big.
  • Some of them too come from homes where there are no better role models for them to take inspiration from or to get guidance from.

Also, with our training programmes, one of the aims is that, after a Telescope has been trained, (s)he should also be able to impart the knowledge and skills in others so that it will become like a ripple effect.

So the concept of the Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme, helps us to achieve positive results both for the children in the deprived communities, as well as our Telescopes (trainees).

In other words, through our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme, we are able to kill two birds with one stone. As we go to teach in the schools, each TTCJN member adopts a little boy or little girl and becomes a big brother or big sister to the child so as to serve as a mentor and role model to the child. By thus, we are able to impact the children through education and also through mentorship.

  • For a child to successfully navigate through the turbulence of life and become successful, it is imperative that the child gets the right guidance, inspiration and motivation to follow the right path. Such assistance can only be made possible through a role model and it is even much better if the role model becomes a mentor or coach to the kid.
  • Each TTCJN member adopts a little boy or little girl and becomes a big brother or big sister to the kid so as to serve as a mentor and role model to the kid.

TTYLAN Activities And Projects

The Telescope Young
Leaders of Africa Network

The Telescope International, is basically, a youth and student development organization with a special focus on youth and leadership issues that affect the African continent. Its vision is to become the best organization in terms of youth and student development.

In that regard, specific Divisions are created in the organization to handle specific aspects of its mission. The divisions are usually interconnected and they work with each other in most cases. One of the Divisions of the organization that works in close proximity with TTCJN is The Telescope Young Leaders of Africa Network (TTYLAN).

TTCJN is the student network of the organization and TTYLAN is the professional network. TTYLAN’s mission is simple:

To groom the young leaders of Africa to be able to identify most of the pertinent problems of Africa and to network to address them.

This is put simply in its slogan:

African Solutions For African Problems By African Youth.

TTYLAN’s mission is to solve problems in the communities in Africa and to help raise the living standards of the citizens of the countries the members operate in.  Essentially, what TTYLAN does is that, it looks for problems on the continent and put together the right team of professionals to go and deal with the identified problems.

Members don’t just go to the communities to solve the problems. Rather, they go there to TEACH THE COMMUNITIES how to solve the problems  by themselves. Hence, even when TTYLAN leaves the community, the people are able to solve their problems on


their own, without any outside help. That is to say, TTYLAN goes there to lead the people to solve their problems. In simple terms, TTYLAN doesn’t go there to give them fish, but rather it goes there to teach them how to fish.

  • TTCJN is the sister Division of TTYLAN and the two Divisions work hand-in-hand to make sure that, the vision of The Telescope International in general is achieved. So in carrying out its volunteerism projects, TTCJN mostly collaborates with TTYLAN to ensure that maximum output and outcome are achieved.
  • TTYLAN is for professional networking and leadership development. It is intended to solve problems affecting the youth and to address issues affecting leadership on the African continent and the world as a whole.

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