Volunteer In Africa + 2 Tours Programme

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Volunteer In Africa And Tour In Addition

Congratulations for showing interest to volunteer in Africa. If you are a university or college student looking to do some impactful philanthropy that is also fulfilling, during your summer break, or if you are a professional looking to make great impact whilst honing your skills and learning about other cultures too, then you have come to the right place.

Volunteering in Africa is one of the best volunteer experiences you can undertake and we have some of the best Volunteer In Africa programmes and opportunities that are nothing like the usual volunteer abroad programmes that you may have heard of. Our Volunteer In Africa Programme is the primary part of our Community Transformation Programme which seeks to support communities which suffer from social and economic development exclusion and thus need help.

You can read more about our Community Transformation Programme to understand our programmes better.

Institutional Clients Package

For institutional clients such as universities, colleges, schools, companies and organizations, who would want us to work together on projects, the arrangement is different and more flexible.

Programmes can be customized to meet the specific objectives and goals of the institutional client and it can be done at a time that will fit into the schedule of the institution. 

Institutional clients should contact us for a customized package.

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Make Impact And Explore Africa

Volunteer In Africa: Programme Options

Two Tours Package (8 Locations)

As part of our volunteer opportunities in Africa programmes package, volunteers will enjoy two tours to eight (8) different tour locations in Ghana.

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Attend Our virtual Workshop Presentation To Better Understand Our Programmes

Ready To Volunteer In Africa?

The Programme: From Start To Finish

Attend Workshop Presentation
Register to attend our virtual workshop presentation.
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Pay Your Programme Fees
Pay for the programme you are interested in.
Join Other Volunteers & Start Volunteering
Travel to the host country and start volunteering at you placement.
Receive An International Certificate
Receive an international certificate after 1 month.

Our Teaching Volunteers In Action And Some Awards

Pictures From Our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism
And Awards Gallery

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NBU – Social Impact Project Award

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NBU Training – 3rd Batch Of Trainees Graduate

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NBU – Aflatoon Training


Touching Lives
And Making Impact

Indeed, through our the Community Transformation Programme, we have made a lot of impact in all the communities that we have served so far and we are proud of our achievements. Our Alumni are also making us proud by doing some volunteer works as a result of the character we instilled in them.

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Volunteerism Projects

Join Us To Make An Impact

You can join us as a member, a volunteer or a partner.
You can also support us by joining our campaigns and signing our petitions.

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Africa Is A Beautiful Destination

Why Volunteer In Africa

About Ghana – Why Volunteer There?

Ghana….what is there not to love about that magical country? The people are friendly, energetic and welcoming. The country is culturally rich, full of diverse wildlife, amazing beaches, gorgeous hinterland and not forgetting, the affable locals. It is renowned for the friendliness and warmth of its people. It’s no wonder Ghana is known as the “Gateway to Africa”.


Its People And Regions

The Asantes, one of the great Sub-Saharan civilizations, make their home in central Ghana in the the Ashanti Region. At the centre of the region is Lake Bosomtwe – one of the largest manmade lakes in the world.

The Ashanti Region, home to the Asantes and the Asantehene, is a cradle of culture and national pride. During your volunteer in Africa experience, you can experience various festivals and tour several beautiful sites and attractions. If you are lucky to experience the Akwasidae festival of the Asantes, then you may catch a glimpse of the golden stool, which is believed to have been commanded into being from the skies, by the great fetish priest Okomfo Anokye himself.

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Volunteer Abroad In Africa

Health And Safety

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Volunteers House Safety

Security is taken very seriously in our Volunteer In Africa programmes. We have some very effective security measures put in place to always track your movement and location so that you will never get lost.

We offer basic but comfortable accommodation at our Volunteers House. The place is serene and located in a friendly and secure neighbourhood, with a 24/7 security, a fully fitted kitchen, and multiple bathrooms.

You will never be on your own in your new environment. The Volunteers House is impeccably clean, well kept, modern and spacious.

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Vol - Landing - Covid

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

With COVID-19, it should be understood that, it is a global phenomenon – it is not only in Africa. And if you want to compare the infection rates and deaths, then you can even see that it is safer to be in Africa than in Europe or America.

You can find the global infections rate and other data here:

You can check them out yourself.

That notwithstanding, in our Volunteers House, COVID-19 safety protocols are ensured with thermometer guns and temperature records taken daily. Aside our own health policies, nationally too, the government of Ghana has put in place some very effective COVID-19 and health policies like a mandatory health declaration form for visitors, temperature screening on arrival, a mandatory COVID-19 test on arrival, proof of a negative COVID-19 Test Results, Quarantine Policy and the wearing of nose masks (PPE) being Mandatory In Public.

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Volunteer Abroad In Africa

Frequently Asked Questions


US$ 1,500 For 30 Days (US$50 A Day)

Different organizations charge different rates for their Volunteer In Africa programmes. However, in most cases, the money you pay is only meant to take care of the associated services and not the volunteerism activity per say; and it is the same with our  Community Transformation Programme (Our Volunteer In Africa + 2 Tours programme). 

Nevertheless, we at The Telescope International have gone step further to absorb most of the associated costs as our contribution to make our Community Transformation Programme successful. Hence, we have been able to subsidize the programme fees for our volunteers.

Averagely, each volunteer pays US$ 1,500 for 30 days (US$50 a day).

And for that, you will get  accommodation, feeding, 2 tours, an international volunteerism certificate, airport pickup, customized T-shirts + nose masks, and the other operations & services. In all, there are twelve different benefits you will get for the US$ 1,500. 


Fundraising, Sponsorship & Scholarship Options

If you don’t have all the money to pay for it by yourself, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

After our workshop presentation, we will to teach you  sixty (60) different fundraising strategies that you can adopt. With the knowledge that we will give you, you can choose to do physical fundraising or virtual fundraising, and it will still work.

So you can easily pay for your programme fees as well as the other auxiliary expenses like flightsinsurance (optional) and spending money.

Not Really

Unless you are ready to commit yourself full time for six months to 24 months, it is not really possible to get a free volunteer opportunity in Africa.

Even with that, organizations which offer such free volunteerism opportunities are very picky so if you don’t meet certain specific requirements, then you have no chance of getting selected. Furthermore, the opportunities are highly competitive since a lot of people apply for the same spot. So your chances of being selected are very slim.

If you are seeking a volunteer experience in Africa for about a month, then the best option is to register for an opportunity being offered by an organization – like the Community Transformation Programme that is being organized by The Telescope International.

The Process Is Very Simple

The best way to volunteer in Africa is to sign up for our Community Transformation Programme.

The process is very simple as described above.

Each of our Africa volunteer programmes has been carefully designed to help you to make the most impact whilst offering you a life-changing experience to understand the culture, history and lifestyle of the people.

At the end of your volunteerism period, you will receive an international volunteerism certificate from The Telescope International.

In spite of all that, our programme fees are very affordable. So go ahead! Go through our list of Volunteer In Africa programmes above and check them out.

Afterwards, attend our virtual workshop presentation to understand our volunteer abroad in Africa programmes before paying for the one you are interested in. After the workshop presentation, you will then choose the month you prefer to volunteer in and pay for the programme you like. That’s all and you are in!! 

Safety And Health Protocols In Place

Africa is a safe place to travel to – especially, Ghana.

That country is one of the safest on the continent and it is politically stable. Each year, several tourists and visitors travel to the country and enjoy their time over there.

That notwithstanding, we have a detailed system for managing safety and reducing risks for all volunteers of our Community Transformation Programme. After registering, before you even travel from your home country to Ghana, we will have a pre-departure orientation session to educate you on all the safety and health protocols in place. That will give you all the knowledge and confidence you need to stay safe, secure and healthy.

Also, during your stay in Ghana as a volunteer of our Volunteer In Africa programme, you shall receive a 24/7 in-country support. So you can be rest assured that you will always be safe.

Furthermore, the programme team you will be working with, are all professionals and have been trained to adhere to The Telescope International’s Risk Management Policy.



With COVID-19, it should be understood that, it is a global phenomenon – not just in Africa.

And if you want to compare the infection rates and deaths, then you can even see that it is safer to be in Africa than in Europe.

You can find the global infections rate and other data here:

You can check them out yourself.

With respect to Ghana itself, it is currently the safest country in Africa in terms of Covid. The virus is no longer a big deal there as it is in Europe or America. Schools there reopened long before schools in Europe and America and at the moment, social life is almost back to normal.

That notwithstanding, safety precautions are not being taken for granted. Social distancing is promoted and masking up is enforced in most social places. The government too has put in place some very effective COVID-19 and health policies like a mandatory health declaration form for visitors, temperature screening on arrival, a mandatory COVID-19 test on arrival, proof of a negative COVID-19 Test Results, and a Quarantine Policy.

Additionally, in our Volunteers House, we also have our own in-house COVID-19 safety protocols whereby thermometer guns and temperature records are taken daily.

So you are assured of safety against COVID-19.

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We Are Very Experienced

The Telescope International has been in existence since 2005 and we are mainly student focused.

We have been doing a lot of programmes and trainings for students since then. Our Community Transformation Programme is one of our flagship volunteerism programmes but we have been doing other volunteerism and training programmes since our inception.

If you go through this website, you’ll see most of our other volunteerism programmes.

You can also check out our Alumni Page to see some of the people who have benefited from our trainings and programmes.

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