60 Fundraising Ideas You Can Try

60 Fundraising Ideas You Can Try

Fundraise To Pay For Your Trip

Great And Effective Fundraising Ideas

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Don't Panic - You Can Easily Raise The Money Needed

Our Community Transformation Programme is a very wonderful volunteerism programme that is very impactful and beneficial to the volunteers.

However, if this is your first international volunteerism programme, the associated costs for participants can be daunting, especially if you don’t  have enough money to take care of the costs.

But don’t panic. All international volunteerism programmes come at such rates because of the services that you will be provided with, like accommodation, feeding, internet, security etc.

Two main ways you can adopt to fund your expenses are fundraising and sponsorship.

So we’ve put together some of our best fundraising ideas to help you meet your goal, even during COVID-19.


Fundraising Strategy Combinations

Once you are ready to fundraise for your trip, you should do it consciously, not passively. That means, you should plan on how to go about it, and put in effort to make the plan work.

Don’t just have a desire to fundraise and only do one or two activities and give up. 

Below are a couple of fundraising ideas that we have put together. Go through them and design a combination of strategies you can use. The best combination is to:

  1. Get a paid job.
  2. Then over the weekends, do some physical fundraising activities or events. (Or you can choose any other day within the week instead of the weekend).
  3. Whilst working, you can also be doing some online fundraising activities.
  4. Then talk to your family and loved ones for their financial support.
  5. And you can also be applying for various scholarships and sponsorships.

In most cases, once you show people (your family, loved ones or the scholarship scheme) that you have been able to save some money by yourself, it will be easy for the financier to top up with the amount you seek.

For each of the steps indicated above, we have a fundraising idea that you can try. So go through the list below and make your choices.

If you like, you can google “fundraising ideas” to get more strategies you can adopt.

Preparations You Have To Make First And Foremost

Before You Start

Below is a checklist. Make sure that you have put all of them in place before you start working on your fundraising strategies.

Now, before you even start planning your funding and fundraising strategies, you should know exactly how much money you need as well as the cost areas that need to be covered.

With that, you should be able to draw a very good budget for your trip and thus, be able to set a very realistic and feasible fundraising goal.

Know how much money you are going to need to save/raise for your volunteer trip including flights, programme costs, insurance and spending money, then split this down into manageable weekly or monthly saving targets.

For our Community Transformation Programme, the cost areas have been explained below. So you can use that as a guide.

Your total expense for our international volunteerism programme will cover the following areas:

  • Air Travel (flights, visa, vaccination, COVID-19 Test)
  • Program fees (Feeding, Accommodation, Certificate, Trainings, Monitoring & Evaluation etc.)
  • Spending Money (Buying souvenirs, other petty expenses and experiences)
  • Transportation (internal rounds, etc.)

So use this breakdown as a guide to know how much money you will require.

Now, once you have your budget and fundraising goal sorted out, the next thing to do is to make sure that you have set up a separate bank account for the money you will be using to pay for your trip.

This is extremely important because, if you don’t set up a separate account, you are likely to be spending the money as you get it over time. That will obviously defeat your objective.

Once you start seeing that the money you are accumulating is growing, you will be motivated to keep going with the easy fundraising ideas that we have listed below. So make sure you don’t mix your fundraising money with your regular spending money.

Now, before you start exploring any of the options list below, make sure that you are prepared with a pitch.

You might be surprised to find assistance in places you weren’t necessarily expecting it. Always be prepared, and make sure you have a pitch ready in case you get approached by a sponsor (for example, individuals known to support sustainable development causes, such as philanthropists or social entrepreneurs) who may wish to fund your trip.

Below are a couple of fundraising and sponsorship ideas that you can consider.

Try to see your fundraising as a part of the whole volunteer experience. Funding your volunteer trip can, in itself, be an incredibly rewarding experience. When you look back in years to come, you won’t remember those extra shifts you had to take and the odd missed nights out because you were saving.

What you will remember is the incredible time that you had whilst on your volunteer trip, and the pride of knowing that you fund raised for yourself and participated in the vital work of the volunteer projects abroad.

Below are a couple of fundraising and sponsorship ideas that you can consider.

Prove That it Is Important To you

Show Your Commitment First

If you are not ready to invest in your trip yourself, don’t expect other people to invest in it for you.

The 52 Week Challenge

Before you start going to ask people to donate to you, you should show commitment by being able to save some money on the side by yourself. One way you can do that is to adopt the 52 Week Challenge

The 52 Week Challenge has proven to be a very successful fundraising method for many volunteers who set achievable savings goals and build up funds for their volunteer abroad trips over the course of a year.

If you’re not familiar with the 52 Weeks Challenge, this is how it works.

In the first week of the year, you save $1. Then during the second week, you save $2. You will keep adding a dollar each week so that during the last week of the year, you will be putting away $52. Even without interest, this adds up to $1,378 over the course of a year.

So if you are to be saving this amount in a bank where it is likely to attract some interest, you can get even more than the  $1,378.

Now, if you are able to save your own funds and reach such a target, you can then approach other people and ask them to match your saved amount or even donate more for you to be able to make it to your desired destination.

Once you show commitment, people will be more than willing to also commit to your cause and help you to go on your trip.

This is one way that you can show your own commitment to funding your trip. Get some paid job and save some of your earnings.

Let’s say that you live in the UK and your target is to raise a total of £5000 to take care of  the programme fees and other auxiliary expenses in your budget.

If you were to finish your exams in the summer and start a full time job in early July on minimum wage (currently £5.80 per hour for an 18 year old in the UK), working a 35 hour week, you would earn that £5000 before Christmas.

Admittedly, this is not a quick and easy route to success, you would need to save hard and not be spending all of your wages on a Friday night. But that is where fundraising comes in.

If you don’t know where to start from, the good news is that, there are several job options that you can consider as a student. For instance:

Receptionist, Sports Coach, Key Holder, Admin Assistant, Online Marketing, Bar Jobs, Delivery Driver, Caterer, Barista, Waitress/Waiter.

You can google “minimum wage jobs for 18 year olds in the uk” or “Jobs for 18 Year-Olds in the uk” or even visit

Interestingly enough, you will discover that, most of the job offers will be paying more than the minimum wage. For instance:

  • Bartenders: $10.43.
  • Waiters and waitresses: $10.01.
  • Food preparation workers: $10.93.
  • Retail salespersons: $11.16.

You can be doing some online fundraising whilst at work or you can also do some of the activities during the weekends. So you can combine fundraising and working at a paid job and easily raise £5000.

Now let’s look at some of the strategies you can adopt for a much faster fundraising.

Use Your Imagination And Skills

Get Creative

Arts, Clothing And Fashion Ideas, etc

One of the best ways to fundraise is by creating something and selling it. Perhaps you already have a small business or side-hustle that you can utilise here.

For example, if you have a business where you paint art commissions for customers, you could start a project where you only create commissions related to your fundraising cause. If you’re raising money to build a community garden, you might only take commissions related to flowers and fauna and put all of the profit straight towards the garden.

However, this method is equally effective even if you’re not so experienced. Whether you’re making art, baking, embroidering t-shirts or throwing pottery, you can try selling your creations for the specific purpose of fundraising.

You don’t even need to be incredible at what you choose to do. If you tell friends and family about your creations and make some posts on social media explaining what you’re doing, you might find that people will support and buy your work in order to help you reach your goal.

Designing T-shirts and giving them out in exchange for donations, is one way that you can let people feel appreciated for donating to your cause.

Simply print t-shirts and give them to people who will donate to your cause as a way of giving them something in return. 

You can search for sample T-Shirt designs online and choose the ones you like. Alternatively, you can consult a designer for some guidance.

Get creative. Design and produce your own jewellery for sale. You’ll find many books in local libraries that provide assistance and if you buy beads in bulk you’ll find it to be very rewarding and profitable.

Seeking Direct Financial Support

Scholarships And Sponsorships

Your family will possibly be your biggest supporters on your fundraising journey. Talk to your immediate and extended family about matching what you manage to raise and save every month, to help you get even closer to your goals.

There are several of these scholarships online. You can google for the term “Volunteer Abroad Scholarships”. Then look for scholarships and grants given out in your area.

You could also approach a local organisation or business in your community who could contribute and donate to a portion of your program fee. Discuss this with your parents, friends and acquaintances as networking forms an important part of your fundraising process. Also look for general community grants and scholarships.

If you’re currently enrolled at university, it is likely that your institutions also offer scholarships and grants for volunteers who are traveling abroad. So you can inquire about scholarship and funding opportunities from the authorities.  Sometimes, participating in volunteerism programmes is even part of your university course.

In case you need some specific documentations from us to prove the authenticity of your enquiries, just talk to us and we will provide you with the documents you need to help you to secure the necessary funding.

Explore applying for a government grant or loan where possible. This may involve a longer process, so if you want to opt for this strategy, make sure that you start working on it early enough.

Donor research involves finding and contacting wealthy individuals who are interested in the issues surrounding your fundraising project, and asking them to make a donation. If you manage to find donors who are truly passionate about what you do, and persuade them to donate a large sum, this can be one of the most effective tactics out there.

If you’re not so interested in event organising but you’re good with words, you might be interested in trying your hand at building an email campaign. This may not work so well if your purpose is to fund a personal project, but it has a good chance of raising money for a charity or something similar. 

If you have no idea on how to go about it, just google “email marketing strategies” or “cold email tutorials”. You will get a lot of materials and websites which can guide you.

If you like the idea of approaching people through your writing, but you don’t have time or the necessity to set up a full email campaign, why not try writing letters? This could work well if you’re approaching a smaller amount of people in the community. Additionally, a more personal touch could work in your favour and help you achieve more donations.

This might sound like a pretty boring way of fundraising but it is actually a great source of free money that you may well be entitled to.

If you have been working part time, or have only worked for a few months out of a year, you might be entitled to a refund. Definitely worth keeping hold of those pay slips and checking what you are entitled to.

Online And Offline Fundraising

Crowdfunding And Fundraising Events

One of the most popular fundraising methods today is crowdfunding, thanks to the power of the internet. Crowdfunding is when you simply ask for financial contributions for a specific project or cause on the internet, normally through crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe and JustGiving. So you can set up an online fundraising account at   or or 

The key to this method is to write a convincing and informative page explaining what the fundraiser is for, and how it’s going to be beneficial.

After setting up your fundraising page, it’s time to get it out there. Social media is a powerful platform, so make sure you share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok accounts.  Post it in relevant groups and reach out to influencers on Twitter and Instagram who may be able to help spread your message to their followers.

Afterwards, tell all the beautiful people from your WhatsApp groups, Facebook friends, community where you live and any other network that you may be a part of, to start donating.

This is a popular and successful tactic because the internet allows us to reach thousands of people quickly and efficiently, and it’s even possible for us to target people who might specifically be interested in the cause we’re fundraising for.

Crowdfunding is therefore a great way to make a large amount of money, and fast. If several thousand people just give a pound or two, you already have a sizeable donation.

This is a popular fundraising tactic and can be effective for many different purposes, including personal and community projects. This is because people can enjoy a fundraising event even if they’re not specifically involved or interested in your cause.

You will need some money, volunteers and great organisational skills to pull off hosting an event, but it can be incredibly fun and rewarding. It can also leave you with plenty of donation money for your chosen cause.

There are so many options for hosting a fundraiser. If you know several musicians or bands, a fundraising concert could be a great idea, or a booksale could be effective if you have lots of old books and want to keep the costs down more.

If you want to get even more creative, you might consider setting up an art show, where people in your community can donate a piece of their art. You could sell tickets to the art show, and even sell the art pieces and donate the profits. Or, you could hold a local food festival, where volunteers or restaurants cook dishes and sell them to attendees. 

As you might imagine, events like these can be a great fundraising tactic and a perfect way to bring your community together.

Perhaps you like the idea of hosting a fundraising event, but you don’t have the tools or resources to hold a physical event. Not to worry, because virtual fundraising events can be just as effective.

As a matter of fact, in these times where we need to avoid crowds to keep each other safe, virtual events have become more popular than ever. You can adopt this strategy with fundraising and get creative with it.

There are plenty of websites that can help you host such an event, or you could keep things simple and use Zoom. You can host any kind of event virtually, but some ideas that will work especially well online include an online auction, raffle, or pub quiz.

They will still require a lot of preparation and planning, but as long as you’re not bad with technology, it should be a bit easier than holding a physical event.

You can try and put money jars in your local small restaurants if they’ll let you.

This is one of the virtual fundraising ideas that you can get really creative with it.

Basically, you sign up for a virtual run or cycle event and ask your friends and family members to donate per kilometre completed. 

Or, why not help the environment by hosting a webinar to raise awareness on sustainability and conservation, asking people to donate whatever they can as an “entrance fee”. 

When it comes to virtual events – the options are endless, so let your imagination run wild.

Feed People And They Will Sponsor You

Food Ideas

Everyone loves good food. Here are some great ideas related to food.

Coupon books can be an excellent way to work with your community and make some money. The idea is to work with restaurants, cafes and shops in the area and create a book of coupons that you can sell to customers. With the money made from selling the books, you can donate to your chosen cause. 

This fundraising idea has tangible benefits for everyone involved. You make money for your fundraiser, customers get discounts at local businesses, and businesses potentially get an increased number of customers. 

It may take a bit of effort and determination to initially set up the coupon book, but if you’re friendly, organised and professional, businesses are more likely to get involved. There are even some fundraising coupon book schemes you can get involved with to simplify the process, like SaveAround in the US.

Speaking of partnering with a local takeaway restaurant, this is a great option for both you and the restaurant. This strategy creates mutual benefits.

All you need to do is approach a restaurant about having a fundraising night and the deal is that, you will massively publicize the products for them among your friends and also through social media.

In return, a cut from all takeaway meals ordered that night will be given towards your cause.  You can even decide to give special codes to your friends and contacts so that anyone who will present the code, will count towards your cause.

Once the restaurant agrees, start spreading the word among your friends and watch those orders start flooding in.

Bake sales – they’re the oldest trick in the book. People love sugary baked goods and bake sales continue to work time and time again whenever there’s a need to raise money fast. 

Bake some delicious cakes, pies or pastries and sell them at school or work. Just make sure that you have permission first and that you are not breaking any health and safety rules.

Have your own stall at local farmers markets, festivals, galas or even outside your house on the street. Get your friends and family on the bandwagon to help prepare the goods. Cakes, slices, cookies are popular sellers while preserves are particularly profitable.

Incorporating a “guess the weight of the cake” competition and a raffle are always great money spinners as well. Some bars (always ask first and try for the ones that don’t serve food) will let you go through the crowd with a tray of goodies. Works best towards the end of happy hour.

People love mini cupcakes, cookies, and brownies, especially if it’s for a good cause! Also, a trick is that, don’t put a price on them. “However much you want to give to the cause” will get you a much higher average donation.

This is a twist to the Bake Sale. In the event that you want to avoid direct contact with people as a result of COVID-19 or some other reason, then you can choose to adopt the Contactless Bake Sale strategy.

It is the same way as the strategy described above the only difference is that, after you bake, set up a PayPal system to receive contactless payments, and get baking and delivering those cookies and cakes.

Another event idea. And sticking with the cooking theme, if you love to cook, why not fundraise whilst doing something you love? You could organize a dinner party and ask guests to donate to your volunteer trip.

For instance, you can put on a three course traditional meal in return for say a $5 donation.

Charge a good price, organize a raffle and allocate a generous amount of time to advertising.

Prior to dinner is a great time to hold a presentation and show photos to show what you hope to achieve during your volunteering experience. These can also be held after your trip abroad to show people what you got up to during your time abroad and to help offsets costs you may have incurred while you were away.

You can also have a English tea party or dessert night and invite all your friends and their friends. As usual, it will involve baking lots of food, lots of fun, old fashioned games, and most importantly, asking them all to pay say $10 towards it rather than bringing anything.

Another twist to the dinner concept is a dinner dance. Just make sure you have good music at the event. Because, having a great band, delicious food and brilliant decorations are all paramount to a successful dinner dance.

Make Shopping Fun And Impactful

Shopping Malls

Hire a BBQ, buy some sausages and don’t forget the mustard, ketchup and onions. This is a very popular and profitable fundraising venture and very successful outside popular shopping malls on weekends or during sporting events. You can hold a Sausage Sizzle at Woolworths or Bunnings. You can make over $300 profit in half a day. Woolys gives good discounts on all the food/supplies you need.

Here’s an easy way to raise a couple of hundred in a few hours. You can do a bag pack to raise funds for your volunteerism activity. Some people usually do this when you are doing your grocery shopping. Basically people will help you pack your shopping and there will be a box beside them for you to donate money to their charity. So you can also do same and instead, have a box for your volunteerism trip.

Your Closest Cheer Team Is Right Here

Community And Loved Ones

If you have a birthday or special celebration coming up, why not ask your friends and family to donate to your fundraising page rather than buying you gifts. Instead of getting a car or motorbike for your 20th birthday or something you could quite easily do without, you should rather ask for a donation towards your volunteer placement.

Airline tickets can be costly. If your friends or family can’t donate money, ask around to see if anyone would be interested in donating their airline miles. It’s a great fundraising idea to help get you to your destination once travel opens up again and will help you to cut back massively on costs.

This idea relies on finding some empathetic and talented volunteers to help you out, but if your cause is a good one, it might not be too difficult! Especially if you have any friends or family who could get involved.

Essentially, you get people from your community to volunteer and teach something that they’re an expert in. This could include anything including dance, painting, coding and gardening. If they’re professionals, this could even be a good way for them to advertise their business, but if they’re not, it could still be a fun opportunity. 

People attending the classes will pay a fee, but this fee will go into the fundraising pot and end up being donated to your chosen cause or project. Often, people are more willing to invest in themselves and learn something new rather than invest in a product that they may not use.

Do Stuff With Your Neighbours

Neighbourhood Activities And Recycling

Have a clothing/shoe/housewares drive and utilize a recycling program. In places like Dallas, you can get companies that will pay you per pound for your clothing. And they donate the clothing to third world countries. A total win win for volunteerism and good causes.

This is another great fundraising idea that has huge benefits for everyone involved. You can start off by bringing your community together and choosing a day to do a big neighbourhood clean up. Then, you can ask for donations from local businesses and individuals who will be happy that you’re making improvements to the place where they live.

The easiest thing for people to do is litter picking, and this can be especially beneficial in areas where there’s a lot of litter on the streets or in the countryside. However, you may even be able to contact local supermarkets or cleaning companies who might lend you cleaning equipment for free, or for a small fee.

You can collect donations on the day, by having people holding collection buckets as you clean up the neighbourhood, but it’s probably a good idea to also set up a social media or fundraising page. That way, people can find out about the cleanup online and make donations that way.

In countries like Canada you can cash in your beer, wine bottles and cans. People sometimes feel lazy to take their bottles back to the recycle collectors and you do the people a favour by offering to come collect their bottles.

Just hand out flyers in your neighborhood about your willingness to come pick up their bottles and organized a pick up date. You can make about $800 from this. It is quite profitable after a holiday weekend.

Another twist to the bottle drive strategy is that, you can ask your friends and family to collect all their empty recyclable bottles, jars and cans. Then you can as usual go pick them up and take them to your local recycling location to be exchanged for cash. 

This is an easy fundraising idea and it helps to keep your community clean while raising awareness and encouraging others to recycle.

If you have a closet full of clothes in good condition that you hardly wear, it might be time to let someone else put them to good use. 

Start a new Instagram profile to showcase and sell your gently worn and loved garments – making you some extra cash and encouraging a more sustainable way of shopping in the process.

Have a clothing sale – all of the items I no longer needed I sold for $5 each to my friends. We had a party at the same time, they got a real bargain and I made $600 for items that I no longer wanted. – A Volunteer.

A Night Of Brain Power

Quiz Night

This is another fun and relatively simple fundraising idea. You just need a venue (church/village halls are great for this. Or a pub.) and a prize or two to offer the winning team. You can even approach local businesses and chat to them about donating prizes to your cause.

For instance, before the Quiz Night, you can run around local businesses asking for a donations to a raffle that you’re going to hold at the end of the Quiz Night. In most cases, small local businesses are much more generous than the bigger supermarket or chains. Their produce is much better quality too, and all you have to do is give them some free advertising during the Quiz Night.

Some raffle prizes can include wine, free haircut, chocolates, biscuits, pet food, a teddy, beer, more beer, a sports t-shirt, vouchers and so on.

You would charge teams  an “entry fee” to participate in the quiz and that would be your fundraising. You could also sell drinks and snacks, just make sure you are OK with licensing laws. And you can also arrange to with the businesses to help sell some of their non-donated products for a commission.

If you prefer to have a virtual version of the quiz night, then you can organize it virtually through a platform like zoom. As usual, participants will pay an “entry fee”. However, since this will not be a physical event, the winning team will be mailed the donated prizes.

I organized a quiz night and sold tickets at a higher price ($20 per person or $100 for team of 5) got about 12-14 tables and provided finger food at each table (donated from supermarkets) but made a killing from selling alcohol at $5 a bottle and also cans. – A Volunteer.

Let People Understand Your Passion

Public Presentation On Your Ambition

This strategy is about going to speak with people personally about your trip and volunteerism programme. However, often when applying for assistance, potential sponsors and donors are sceptical of the authenticity of the intended cause.

So to help you show the genuineness of your intentions, you can request for an official confirmation letter from The Telescope International. Our Program Manager can provide you with one to help you overcome this problem. Just send us an email or contact any of the admins of the Volunteers WhatsApp group that you will be added to after registering.

If you feel really passionate about the cause you’re raising money for, holding a discussion can not only be a great way to encourage donations but a way to encourage empathy and understanding. You can even host a panel discussion, where you can contact some local experts or educators who want to get involved.

This is a fairly low-cost event, and the main thing you need to do is find an event space (a library or community hall could work), inform the local community that it’s taking place, and prepare for the discussion. 

If you have a youth club or a community club of some description, approach the person in charge and ask if you can do a presentation one night about what you are intending to do and what you are raising money for. You might find that a youth Club organiser might get the club’s members to raise money for you somehow.

Other presentations might be a money-on-the-night thing whereby you give a presentation, thank them for their time, and ask for a donation before you go home. If you’ve spent time carefully planning your presentation then you’ll be able to deliver it confidently and it will be more enjoyable and interesting for the listeners. Interested listeners make good donors.

You Can Get Some Love From Campuses

Your Local University/College And Schools

Collect teams who attended the same or nearby universities and hold a challenge to see which team will come out on top. This challenge could be sporting or intellectual. Promotes healthy inter-university rivalry.

Contact your local Primary and Secondary School that you went to. They usually raise money for a worthy cause every year. They might be willing to donate towards yours by getting children to do a sponsored walk or pay to wear their own clothes to school instead of a school uniform for example.

Hold a treasure hunt. It’s a fun way to raise money that’s very popular with primary school aged children. Charge a small fee for entrance and hand out donated prizes and candy. Other ideas are “big digs” in the sand for people who live close to the beach.

Get Hired

Gigs And Basic Work

Are you in a band, or have a friend who is in a band? Consider putting on a fundraising gig to help raise money for your volunteer trip. Not only could you raise money with ticket sales, you could also run a raffle during the event to fundraise even more.

A simple fundraising idea and one that should be good for your health. If you already have a dog, you could offer to walk your neighbour’s dogs as well, for a small donation.

If you realize there are lots of dog owners who don’t have the time to walk their own dogs, you can make a lot of money. Some owners even advertise for people to help them out. Check out sites like ‘Dog Walking Now’ and find dog owners willing to pay you to walk their dogs.

You Can Auction Anything At All

Auctions – Work, Promises, Donations

Auctions can be fun and exciting. Most importantly, they can also be rewarding for fundraising.

Fundraising auctions are known as “silent auctions”. Unlike the regular form of auction, here auctioneers don’t mention how much they would like to pay for an item. Instead, they move around the grounds and silently write how much they will like to offer. It can be done either physically or virtually.

If you don’t know how to organize one, google “Silent Auction”, “Fundraiser Silent Auction” or “Virtual Silent Auction”

Auction yourself off to help out a community group or local business, and get sponsored for every hour of work you complete.

An auction is one of the simplest and most effective fundraising ideas. If you don’t have anything physical to auction, auction off a promise instead. You can get friends involved to promise to cut grass, wash cars, walk dogs, do shopping etc. for the highest bidder.

Sometimes, people may not be able to give you money, but may be willing to give you items. In such situations, you can try and convert the donated items to cash.

Just make sure that you notify the donors that you will be selling off their donated items so that they won’t be offended with your auction. Notify them when they are donating to you, not when you start the auction. You can have a big party and auction off donated items.

Raise Funds From Endurance And Stamina

Physical Challenges

Tough Mudder’ challenges and the like have become extremely popular in recent years. Not only are these a test of your fitness and stamina, they are great fun (particularly if you take part with a group of friends) and can be a simple fundraising idea too!

Bear in mind that some of these are set up in order to raise money for a particular charity so be careful to choose an event that will allow you to fundraise for your volunteer trip.

Take a sponsored mid winter dip in your local ocean or swimming pool. If it’s Summer time, set yourself a challenging distance to swim and get sponsorship per meter or yard that you swim. Try to attract a group of dippers to join you and contact your local media. The more publicity the better.

Organise a sponsored walk up a landmark of your country/region. For instance, if you are in Wales, you can raise a lot of money by walking up Wales’ highest mountain – Mount Snowdon. You just harass people for a £1 here and a £1 there before you go, and then when you go for the walk, take a bucket with you with a poster on its side and just ask people if they’d like to donate. It would be even better if you dress up as a chicken and get one friend to come along with you and do the same. It gets attention.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a walk, it could be a run or a sponsored bike ride. Chickens on bikes always look great.

Organize a walk for the youth of your community. Encourage them to get fit and get sponsored for your cause.

Challenge yourself to a local fun run, and run for donations for your volunteer abroad trip. Encourage sponsors to pay $1 per kilometer/mile that you run.

Find a large building in your town and promote the fact that for every $1 you raise you’ll climb one step up the building until you get to the top.

Organise a sports event day. For example you can organise a 7-a-side football (soccer) or rugby competition very easily. Stick an ad in the paper or create an event on Facebook and keep telling everyone about the event.

You raise money by charging entry per person or per team. It’s a great day out and if you bring your trusty bucket with you then people will inevitably put some extra change in that, once they’ve had a few drinks.

You Can Make The Fundraising Exciting

Just For Fun

Have you heard of flocking? I am flocking people right now. Go to the store or order online. They are these ugly pink flamingos that you put in the yard, get 20 of them. Make a sign that says you have been flocked, on the back, tell them what it is for and how to contact you.

They pay $10 to have them removed for your cause or $15 to have them moved to a friends house and play the prank on them next.

It can be loads of fun when you have the right people to help you with it and the right folks to flock and play along.

Convince the boss at your workplace (or school) to have a Casual Friday, where everyone that donates to your trip can dress down for the day.

You can have a car wash. Contact a local place in a hot spot for their parking lot and get some friends to do $5 a car. Tell people why you are offering to wash their car – to fund your volunteering trip – and chances are, they will gladly accept your offer.

You can really start locally with this one. Approach your friendly neighbours or work colleagues first, and see it grow from there. You might be lucky enough to rope in a few friends to help.

Grow a mustache or beard and have your friends and family donate for every week that you keep and maintain it.

Set up a day where everyone has to go without electricity for a day and donate the money they would spend on it for that day. Instead of electric heating, you can rather take bucket showers with boiled kettle water etc.

Sell Your Stuffs You Don't Need

Have A Physical Sale Or Sell Online

In everyone’s attic or basement there is junk that needs to be disposed of or passed on to new owners. Have a rally around and collect your friends, families and neighbours’ well loved belongings to use in your garage sale. A garage sale is great place to have a bake sale and adds to the profits. Market the sale in your local paper to increase customers.

I did a big garage sale and asked family, friends, neighbors to donate items to sell. Made a lot and it really helped. – A Volunteer

You can also sell some of your books. If you have a large collection of books that you no longer read or want, you might want to think about selling them. 

You could also reach out to your neighbours, friends and family to buy your previously loved novels or even donate their unwanted books for you to sell and make money.

Unclutter your life on eBay and make some cold hard cash for a good cause. If you’re struggling to let things go, use this rule of thumb – if you haven’t used it in six months, sell it.

You can create a group on Facebook with pictures of items to sell and make an auction. It can last for about two weeks and you will be able to make some money. Make sure to invite all your Facebook friends to join.

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