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Our Causes

The mission of TTCJN is not just to train students and give them working experience, but to also instill in them the spirit of patriotism and selflessness through volunteering activities. Now to execute our volunteerism, we have specific focus areas that we base our projects and programmes on. These focus areas are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are focusing on nine (9) of the seventeen (17) SDGs and we have categorized our focus areas into four (4) groups.

The first focus area of our causes is Education. We are passionate about education because it can positively impact all the other areas that we have decided to focus on.

The SDGs are meant to make the world a better place and give it a brighter future. Hence, all the SDG issues, concern the youth. Unemployment is one of the major problems of the youth but with innovation, it can get better.

Poverty and inequality are two of the main reasons for underdevelopment in the world and they affect women the most. The youth and children are also affected so that concerns us a lot.

Climate change affects the environment negatively which in turn affects health, water & sanitation. Taking action to safeguard the world in these areas is thus a must for us. We have decided to act.

Areas Of Our Impact Focus

Our Causes

Below are the causes that we focus on, put in four different groups:

Group 1: (Education),   Group 2: (Youth, Employment & Innovation),  Group 3: (Girls & Women, Poverty & Inequality)  Group 4: (Climate, Environment, Health & Water)

 Continentwide Impact: We impact several African countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe

Current Causes


We believe that education is one of the most effective ways that we impact our chosen communities. The UN estimates that, 617 children and adolescents lack minimum proficiency in reading and mathematics (ie, 6 out of 10 children and adolescents), and there is a teacher shortage in Sub-Saharan Africa – 1.1 million teachers are needed in Sub-Saharan Africa for children to receive primary education.

TTCJN members at the tertiary level have decided to dedicate some part of their time to go and augment the teachers in the deprived basic schools and to also help the pupils become better in their subjects.

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My Future Today


Decent Jobs And Self-Reliance


Information Technology, Innovation And Disruptive Technology


Economic Empowerment And Self-Reliance


Empowerment Of Girls & Women

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