Brochure – Community Transformation Programme

Brochure – Community Transformation Programme

Impacting Lives And Exploring Africa

Community Transformation Programme

You Have To Register For The Workshop

We are going to have a workshop presentation on the whole Community Transformation Programme. So if you are interested in partaking in our volunteerism and tour programme, or you want to get more details about it, you have to be present at the workshop.

Depending on your location, it can be a physical or virtual event. After you register for it, you shall be added to a WhatsApp group for the workshop attendees. There, you shall be given all the info about the date, time, venue and nature (physical or virtual).

Impacting Lives And Exploring Africa

Programme Summary

Rationale & Goal

Fundamentally, it is about dealing with the poverty and inequality that affect deprived communities in Africa.

Per the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, the world hopes to improve the living standards of people by 2030. However, we cannot achieve sustainable development and make the planet better for all if some people are excluded from the chance for a better life.

That is why we have decided to do something about it and Our Goal is simple:

 “To help deprived communities in Africa to have improved lifestyles and better living standards”.

We have decided to organize like-minded volunteers from all over the world, so that together, we can tackle the problems – One Community At A Time.

The beautiful thing about the whole programme design is that, it will also serve as a study abroad programme for students who will choose to participate in this volunteerism programme.

As volunteers help with the implementation of the programme, they will also be benefiting by gaining career skills, working experience as well as building formidable networks. This is because, they are going to be supervised by professionals as they go about their volunteerism activities.

At the end of the volunteerism period, they will receive a Certificate Of International Volunteerism from The Telescope International.

Impacting Lives And Exploring Africa

Programme Features

What The Programme Entails

Volunteerism Programme Options

Four (4) Different Project Options to choose from.

Projects are SDG-related and community-based.

You will receive a Certificate Of International Volunteerism from The Telescope International.



Two (2) Types Of Tours:

Eight (8) Different Locations (National Parks, Castles, Adinkra Village, Museums etc.).


  • Volunteerism Training.
  • Lessons To Help You Learn A Local Language (Twi).
  • African Foods Cooking Lessons.
  • Lessons To Help You Learn How To Play An African Musical Instrument.
  • Lessons To Help You To Learn An African Dance.


Networking, Socialization & Fun Activities

  • Opportunity To Network With Other University Students From Ghana.
  • Aerobics & Fitness Sessions.
  • Team Building Games And Fun Games.

Impacting Lives And Exploring Africa

Tours And Sightseeing

Have Fun As You Make Impact

In addition to the volunteerism experience, volunteers will get the chance to tour different tourist attractions and locations as well as see the positive advancements and industries going on in Africa.

You will also get local food cooking lessons, aerobics, socialization and networking with other university students and professionals. How cool is that?

So it’s going to be a combination of volunteerism and tourism. More or less like a combination of impact-making, fun and networking.

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