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Anybody at all can volunteer and everyone should undertake some form of volunteering activity at one point or another in the person’s life. Making impact in the lives of the less privileged or taking action to help solve a major societal problem, is a very good thing. It can help you to make new friends, build new connections, learn new skills etc.

Join our coalition of International Volunteers and make impact through our Community Transformation Programme.

At The Telescope International, we understand the importance of volunteerism so we have a lot of volunteerism programmes available. They are not only impactful, they are also fun and exciting. As you help the locals, you will also be immersed in their daily lives, understand their culture, history, traditions and language. Our programmes offer a life-changing experience and through them, you will have a better perspective of how you see each community, country and Africa as a whole.

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Ghanaian Students

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International Volunteers

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Community Transformation Programme

Our Community Transformation Programme is not just a volunteerism programme whereby you are only going to volunteer and make impact.

Rather, you are also going to have fun and go on tours and sightseeings in the country, partake in traditional Dance Lessons & Local Food Cooking Lessons, Aerobics & Team Building Games, and other fun and interesting activities.

So it’s going to be a combination of volunteerism and tourism and fun activities. More or less like a combination of impact making and fun. 


Programme Rationale

Fundamentally, our Community Transformation Programme is about dealing with poverty and inequality.

If you look at most of the Sustainable Development Goals, and you analyse the data and records carefully, you will see that at the core of it all, the major challenging factors include poverty and inequality.

Be it education, health, water, sanitation, climate, environment etc.

If you look closely at any of them, you will see that the developmental problems associated with each of them, is about people being poor, or they suffering from some form of inequality. That is what disadvantages communities and they become deprived of various economic and developmental opportunities.

So we have decided to do something about it and help the people who are in these deprived communities to improve upon their lives and uplift their living standards. This is the motivation behind the creation of our Community Transformation Programme.


Why It Matters

There are a lot of deprived communities in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa. The youth and children in these communities are the ones who get affected the most as they are disadvantaged in so many areas and also face inequality coupled with poverty in most respects, like poor education and under-resourced health facilities. Hence, their futures undoubtedly don’t end up becoming bright.

Also, according to the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of Ghana, climate change has had a devastating impact on agriculture in the rural areas thereby, making it expensive, risky and less profitable. Combined with poverty and inefficient agricultural practices, the results are low yields and low income. This is the same case in some other countries in Africa.

So there is the need to do something to help such deprived communities, and that is what The Telescope International has decided to do through The Telescope Volunteers.


Where You Come In

Now to be able to achieve our mission of helping the deprived communities, we cannot do it alone and we cannot tackle all deprived communities at the same time. Hence, we have decided to organize like-minded volunteers from all over the world, so that together, we can tackle the problems – One Community At A Time.

Now, as the volunteers help with the programme, they will also be benefiting by gaining career skills, working experience and building formidable networks. So in short, our Community Transformation Programme can be stated as:

It is a two-pronged approach, aimed at assisting deprived communities to improve and uplift their living standards, so as to alleviate the impact of poverty and inequality on them. Whilst at it, volunteers learn, gain working experience and build formidable networks.


Talent And Skills Development

Inasmuch as the deprived communities are disadvantaged, within them, there are untapped geniuses, talents and skilled youth. So as part of helping them to improve upon their living standards, we will also seek to identify and discover new talents among the youth.

Programme Structure

From all that have been already said, by now you have an idea of the structure of our Community Transformation Programme. It is made up of two parts:

  • The first part is the International Volunteerism Programmes Overview.
    Whereby volunteers from different countries come together to assist our chosen communities in education, environment, health and culture.
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  • The second part is the Economic Empowerment Projects.
    Whereby we undertake modernized economic empowerment projects in a chosen community.
  • For instance, in agriculture, we will introduce modern farming technologies and mechanisms to the community. That will create more employment and also help them to have better yields in their farming endeavours.

Primarily, our International Volunteerism Programmes Overview is only about the first part and not the second part. So with respect to our volunteerism programme, our objective is:

To mobilize volunteers from different parts of the world to come together and transform a chosen deprived community, specifically in Ghana.

Therefore, if you sign up for any of our programme categories, you are going to be part of the international coalition of volunteers who would be going to help tackle the challenges of the chosen deprived community and help to uplift the living standards of the citizens of the said community.


You Need To Be Committed

As has already been said, the volunteerism programme is going to be impact-filled and fun-filled. However, volunteerism should always be done for the right reasons; that is, a genuine desire to help people and improve communities.

So one should not just volunteer to enhance his/her CV or resume. Hence, we are looking for people who would love to actually help those who are less endowed.


Touring And Sightseeing

Africa is beautiful and has a lot to show. However, the impression that is mostly created about Africa is mostly about the negative sides – wars, corruption, disease etc.

So in addition to the volunteerism experience, volunteers will get the chance to tour different tourist attractions and locations as well as see the positive advancements and industries going on in Africa.

Therefore, for volunteers who sign up for our  International Volunteerism Programmes Overview, they will also get to go on tours, safaris, sightseeings etc. So it’s going to be a combination of volunteerism and tourism. More or less like a combination of impact making and fun.


About The Telescope Volunteers

The Telescope International is a youth and student development organization which has been established to groom the youth through trainings, working experience opportunities and volunteerism activities, so as to help them to be better prepared for life after school.

It is on the background of its volunteerism mission that The Telescope Volunteers was born.

THE TELESCOPE VOLUNTEERS’ mission is basically to improve and uplift the living standards of deprived communities and whilst at it, help volunteers to also learn and gain working experience.

We tackle deprived communities and focus on making the most impact in each target community. All our programmes have poverty alleviation and inequality reduction infused in them. Also, girls education and child rights protection are of utmost importance to us where children are involved.

We aim to create self-sufficient communities, so our primary focus is on education and empowerment. This is because we believe that, through those two, poverty alleviation can be achieved. Once that is achieved, then economic empowerment will follow and the community can become truly self-sufficient.

We have programmes in education (teaching and mentorship), childcare, medical assistance and environmental protection & conservation. We periodically review our programmes so it is likely other programmes will be added in the near future.

We also make our programmes fun by inculcating tours in each project. The tours allow volunteers to explore their host countries and get to immerse themselves in the lives of the local communities. Through that, foreigners get to experience African culture and better understand the people and continent.

We will love to have you as a volunteer for any of our programmes which may interest you. Be rest assured, all our programmes guarantee real impact in Africa, so your money and time are going to be spent on people who really need help, and will improve lives across the continent.

We Make Impact And Touch Lives

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Continentwide Impact

We Impact Several African Countries

Countries We Impact Include: Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe.

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Touching Lives
And Making Impact

Indeed, we have made a lot of impact in all the communities that we have served so far and we are proud of our achievements. Our Alumni are also making us proud by doing some volunteerism works as a result of the character we instilled in them.

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You can join us as a member, a volunteer or a partner.
You can also support us by joining our campaigns and signing our petitions.


Our Education And Mentorship Programme

Volunteerism Programme

Our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme is one of the major volunteerism programmes we undertake to instill a sense of selflessness and patriotism in all Telescopes. Basically, it is an education and a mentorship programme, where we focus on helping the deprived basic schools around the tertiary institutions or specific deprived communities nominated to us by the Ministry Of Education. We work with the government and community on this initiative.

Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme Is About

Teaching Assistance & Support

We teach and assist teachers in deprived basic schools.

Mentoring & Role Modelling

We serve as mentors and role models to children.

Girl Child Empowerment

SDG 5: Particular attention is paid to girls in the schools.

Community Engagement

We collaborate with the government & community.

Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme

How The Programme Is Structured

As has already been said, our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme is aimed at helping the deprived basic schools around the tertiary institutions or specific deprived communities nominated to us by the Ministry Of Education.

Volunteerism is a compulsory activity for all Telescopes (trainees). Hence, each Telescope dedicates just two (2) hours a week to go and teach in one of the schools that we have been given by the government. It is just two (2) hours a week so it does not affect the academics of Telescopes negatively.

An interesting aspect of the programme is that, each Telescope adopts a little boy or little girl as a little brother or sister and mentors the child. By thus, each Telescope gets to serve as a role model for the adopted little brother or adopted little sister. That is the mentorship aspect of the Edu-Mentor programme.

  • Education: TTCJN members go and teach in deprived basic schools to support the education of those communities.
  • Mentorship: As we teach the kids in the deprived communities, each TTCJN member also adopts a little boy or little girl and becomes a big brother or big sister to the kid so as to serve as mentors and role models to them.
  • Environment: As the future generation, we see it as our duty to protect the environment. Our focus is on climate change and the menace of plastics.

We focus on nine aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we have put all our focus areas under four main groups:

Winifred Bonsu

Volunteerism Programmes Manager


Selflessness And Service To Humanity

Selflessness and service to humanity are two of the greatest attributes that any young person should have. Hence, as part of our mission, as we train students to gain working experience and develop professionalism, we also take them through volunteerism programmes and global issues, to imbue the sense of selflessness and patriotism in them. Indeed, at the moment, we have made a lot of impact in the various communities that we have served so far.


150 +

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33000 +

Community Members

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Years Of History

1000 +

Volunteerism Impacted Lives

Current Main Volunteerism Project

Current Flagship Cause

New Picture (2)

Pupils of the Abokobi Presby 1 Basic School don’t have sufficient computers and ICT teachers. Hence, they end up with poor performances in their final BECE exams. Over the past 10 years, their best performance in ICT has been Aggregate 15. If nothing is done about the situation, this trend will continue.

We have decided to organize six (6) months of free ICT classes for all the pupils together with our partners and stakeholders.

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