Become A Partner

Become A Partner

Work With Us Or Support Our Trainees

Become A Partner

We are always open for partnerships and collaborations. We can work together on projects and programmes or you can support our trainees.


Work With Us

Ways Through Which We Can Partner

You can work with us in any of the following ways:

Read more about each of them here.


Support Our Trainees

Assistance Trainees Need

Our trainees need all the help that they can get. So if you can provide any of the following or more, then you are the right fit for this kind of partnership.

Read more about each of them here.

Work With Us

And Collaborations


The vision of TTCJN and The Telescope International as a whole, is a big one. Our objective is to make as much impact as possible and to inspire and motivate the next generation the best way possible.

In that regard, all our projects and programmes are carefully designed to achieve specific objectives. If you decide to sponsor or support any of our projects or programmes, we will definitely include your ambitions in our planning and you are going to receive great return on your investments and contributions.


We do acknowledge that there are other organizations and bodies who also desire to achieve the same or similar missions and visions like our own. So we are open to collaborations and partnerships on all kinds of projects and programmes that are in line with our mission and vision.


Work With Us

Become A
Patron Or Advisor

The Telescope Campus Journalists Network (TTCJN) and The Telescope International for that matter, couldn’t have made it this far without the advice and support of its Patrons and Advisors. If you believe in the mission to help shape the future of the up coming generation and you are willing to partake in the process or give advice, then we will be more than happy to have you onboard as a Patron or Advisor. See Our Team

Work With Us

Become A
Champion Of Telescope

Champions Of Telescope (COT) are people who are believers in the mission and vision, and are willing to financially support our operations on a monthly basis. in return, we reward them with some benefits. In other words, as a COT, you will be making monthly contributions to support our operations and in return, there are benefits and privileges that you will receive for your help.


Work With Us

Let Us Help You
In Your Research Projects

Researching is one of our major services. We have the skills, expertise and manpower. If you have any research project, we will be more than happy to offer our services to help you succeed. As an organisation, all our projects are based on facts and figures that we arrive at after research. We have competence and proficiency in data collection, data analysis and report writing. We collaborate and corroborate facts and figures with professors and lecturers in academia as well as other professionals. See some of Our Researches.

Work With Us

Sign Any
Of Our Petitions

If you are not in a position to offer us financial support, then you may support us by joining our campaigns for the various social projects we are currently undertaking. Sign A Petition Or Join A Campaign. Visit our Action Pages, click on any of our projects or petitions and take action  on any of them as you will be instructed. You can support our projects in any of the following ways:



Support Our Trainees

Work With Us

Become A
Mentor Or Coach

TTCJN has been designed to provide students with training, working experience and a volunteering spirit. The whole programme lasts for two years during which the student receives training through our facilitators and curriculum.

During the two-year period, trainees undertake real practical projects and assume real roles in order to gain real working experience. The trainings and projects provide them with hands-on training, working experience, management skills, leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, professional competency and proficiency. This makes it very easy for them to take advantage of professional opportunities, leadership opportunities and entrepreneurship opportunities on the African continent and beyond.

The path to success in life is one that can be very challenging to navigate without the right guidance and direction. Even with a lot of knowledge and skill, one may still have some challenges.

It is for this reason that we require coaches and mentors for our trainees.

Though we have the right systems in place to help the students, we can’t do it all alone. We need partners to help make the dream a reality for the youngsters. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a career experience of five (5) years or more, and it doesn’t matter your location in the world since our trainees are very familiar with using digital tools for communication; like video calls, WhatsApp messaging and other social media platforms. That notwithstanding, if you are within the locality of the trainee, then  a physical one-on-one interaction is advised.

See our Mentors, Coaches & Advisors.


Wondering If Coaching Or Mentoring Is For You?

Read the articles below to know what it means to be a Coach or Mentor.

  • We need coaches and mentors in Journalism, Media, Photography and/or Vidoegraphy.
  • We need coaches and mentors in Entrepreneurship, Finance and/or Marketing.
  • We need coaches and mentors in Writing, Blogging, Vlogging and/or Content Management.
  • We need coaches and mentors in NGO Work, Volunteerism and/or Global Issues.
  • We need coaches and mentors in Leadership, Management and/or Communication.
  • We need internship opportunities in Journalism, Media, Photography and/or Vidoegraphy
  • We need internship opportunities in Entrepreneurship, Finance and/or Marketing
  • We need internship opportunities in Writing, Blogging, Vlog and/or Content Management.
  • We need internship opportunities in NGO Work, Volunteerism and/or Global Issues.
  • We need internship opportunities in Leadership, Management and/or Communication.

Support Our Trainees

You Can Offer
Internship Opportunities

One of the missions of TTCJN is to help students to acquire  real working experience whilst still in school. The training programme itself is experience-oriented and  has projects that have been designed to help the students to gain some working experience whilst still in school. However, more needs to be done to make the results much better.

Hence, we would appreciate it very much if our trainees can be given internship opportunities to practice  what they have been taught as well as learn new skills and techniques from the establishment they will be engaged in.

Benefits of an internship offer can also go in the favour of the offering company or organization in the sense that, our trainees already have some working experience and proficiency as well as skills in the areas that they are being trained in. Therefore, they can be useful and productive when added to a team in the establishment.

Work With Us

Hire Our
Trained Professionals

The whole TTCJN training programme has been designed to give students competency and proficiency as well as professionalism. At the moment, some of our trainees have gone through our professional trainings and can thus deliver on projects and tasks.

If you have any job offers in the following areas, do not hesitate to hire any of our trainees.

  • Journalism and Media.
  • Entrepreneurship and Marketing.
  • Writing, Blogging, Vlogging and Content Management.
  • NGO Work, Volunteerism and Global Issues.
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