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Direct Or Indirect Financial Support

Financial Support


Financial Support...

You Can Support Us In Two Main Ways

Direct Financial Support

You give us money anytime you feel like it or become a Champion Of Telescope (COT) whereby you will be making a monthly contribution to support our operations for other benefits.

Indirect Financial Support

You purchase any of our products  and/or services. You can also sponsor or partner us in any of our projects or programmes.

Sign A Petition Or Join A Campaign

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Donate Cash Or
Support In Other Ways

Don't Have Money?

On the other hand, if you are not in a position to offer us financial support, then you may support us by joining our campaigns for the various social projects we are currently undertaking.

Sign A Petition Or Join A Campaign

Visit our Campaigns And Petitions page or Projects page. Click on any of our campaigns or petitions or projects and take action  on any of them as you will be instructed. You can support our campaigns and projects in any of the following ways: Sign A Petition | Join Campaign | Send Email | Make A Post (on WhatsApp | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)

Support Us

Your Support
Will Be Appreciated

Donate Cash Or Support In Other Ways

The work we do at TTCJN – Training, Mentoring & Coaching, Working Experience Development, Volunteerism and Tackling of Global Issues, is a worthwhile endeavour. Though it is a challenging task, we are determined to see to the realization of the dream and vision, so as to help the future generation get well prepared to take their places when it is time for them to run the affairs of this world.

We don’t just train them, we mentor and coach them.

  • We train and mentor students to become professional journalists.
  • We train and mentor students to be professional creative writers.
  • We create start ups and help build them into successful businesses.
  • We help start NGOs and develop them to achieve great impacts.
  • We carry out volunteerism operations to touch the live of the less fortunate and
  • We also tackle global issues and achieve impact.

All these cannot be possible without the right financial support and resources – and we cannot do it alone. In that light, we appreciate all the help and support that we get from partners, donors and well wishers. Know that if you support us, you are not just given us money or resources. Rather, you are making it possible for more students to be trained and you are also making it possible for more impact to be made in the world.

The Telescope Campus Journalists Network (TTCJN) is a subsidiary of The Telescope International which is a registered nonprofit organization. The amount of your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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