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Journalism and Media activities are two of the major operations of TTCJN. This is because, they cut across all our other areas of operation as well as our focus areas. Through them, we are able to tell great stories, do in-depth analysis of issues, undertake investigative journalism and also educate and entertain the student community. Our reporters and correspondents receive training and real hands-on experience. Hence, they are very professional in their work.

Broadcasting And Presenting

News Casting & Presenting

One of the most exciting aspects of media is news casting. At TTCJN, our mission is to train our members and help them to gain the best form of, working experience. So we have different broadcasting platforms for TV, radio and online, and our journalism trainees get the opportunity to polish their presenting and news casting skills in different areas. At the moment, we have some alumni who are really talented  newscasters and presenters and are absolutely making us proud. Once a person registers for the Journalism Programme and (s)he is serious, we make all the necessary platforms available for him/her to receive the necessary professional training and working experience. 


Campus Fila Explained

Campus Fila Platforms

Campus Fila is our media platform through which our members practice what they learn through our training sessions as they develop themselves to gain real working experience. Our objective is to cover all the different types of media. Hence, the Campus Fila platform has four different versions: TV, Radio, Website and Newspaper. Our journalism trainees get the opportunity to do field reports, interviews and documentaries and have them published on any version of the Campus Fila platforms. By thus, they are able to build their professional portfolios


Nigeria: Students Review The Movie “Frozen” With An African Dimension.

Ghana: Interview With The Former SRC Financial Secretary of UCC.

Nigeria: COVID-19 Checks Intensified On Truck Drivers After New Spike.

Ghana: UCC Introduces New Accommodation Policy For Freshmen.

Nigeria: Citizens Bemoan Rampant Kidnappings And Insecurity.

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TV Productions

100 +

Radio Productions

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Online Publications

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Newspaper Publications

Our Electronic Media

Campus Fila TV And Radio



Journalism Training

With the Journalism Training, Telescopes (trainees) get taught how to become real journalists whereby they will know how to get news, do field reports and interviews, get statistics and even how they can use their camera phones to do video reports. It is more or less like an internship in a media company, whilst still in school. The media training of TTCJN covers both the print and electronic media. Telescopes gain real working experience in TV, radio, web and newspaper production. Through the different versions of the Campus Fila Platform, Telescopes get the opportunity to practice and to gain working experience in different aspects of media.


Journalism & Writing Projects

As part of our operations, we undertake projects in our various focus areas to achieve results and to also make impact. These projects are usually based on some of the research that we conduct, as well as our objectives for each particular year. Below are some of our Journalism and Writing Projects.

NBU - Aflatoon Training - Cover

NBU – Aflatoon Training


Journalism & Writing Events

Cover - 4th Congress - Day 3 - Conference

4th Congress – SAIC 2015-2 – Day 3 – Ice Conference

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