Vacancy Details – Cook

Vacancy Details – Cook

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Cook (Live-Out) – Females Only

Status: Open

Summary: It is a full time engagement as a cook for 1 month. It’s not a cooking contract.

Summary Of Cooking Duties And Responsibilities

No. Of People To Cater For: 15 people approximately (10-13 guests + 2 officers).

Job Nature: Full time.

Cooking Period: Breakfast, Lunch, Supper (both weekdays and weekends)

  • Weekdays, you will cook breakfast for all 10-15 house occupants. But lunch and supper will be for just the 2 officers, unless some of the guests also request for us to cook lunch and supper for them.
  • Weekends, everybody will be in the house. So you will cook for all 10-15 house occupants.

Additional Responsibilities: Aside the cooking you will also be assisting with our social media updates and other activities of our projects as you may be directed. So you should have some computer knowledge and if you have your own laptop too, that will be a plus. You shall be given an orientation on everything before you start work.

Fundamental Information

Preferred Gender: Females only

Age Limit: 20 – 35 years

Job Period: You should be available between April 2022 – June 2022.

Job Type: Full Time

Duration/Commitment: 1 month

Location: Kumasi, Ghana.

Accommodation Type: Live Out

Minimum Qualification: WASSCE / SHS / NVTI Certification or Higher

Required Work Experience (Years): Experience is a plus but convince us with samples of your work.

Language Skills: You should speak good English. Extra local and foreign languages are a plus.

Computer Skills: At least, know how to use MS Word.

Salary Per Month: Negotiable.

Job Overview

We will be doing a couple of projects in 2022 in relation to our mission and vision.

We will have participants and guests from different locations and different countries joining us.

For this particular job offer, it’s a 1-month project that we will be doing at the early part of 2022.

We’ll be hosting some guests in a hostel and we will need a cook for the 1-month period.

It’s not a cooking contract.

We are hiring you to be cooking full time (breakfast, lunch & supper) in the house, and we’ll pay you at the end of the month.

You should know how to cook and make pastries, drinks and desserts. If you know how to make yoghurt and drinks like sobolo too, that will be great.

Experience is a plus but convince us with samples of your work.

You should also have some computer skills; at least, you should know how to use Microsoft Word to prepare documents. If you know MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and other software, that will be a plus.

You should speak good English and if you also know how to speak other foreign languages too, that will be a plus. In the same vain, if you can speak multiple local languages and you can even teach them to foreigners, that will also be a plus.

Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Preparing and serving breakfast, lunch and supper.
  2. Preparing warm, cold, and special dietary needs dishes.
  3. Preparing menus for approval and discussing daily requirements with the Programme Co-ordinator or your Supervisor.
  4. Preparing food according to standardized menus and recipes.
  5. Dividing prepared dishes into individual portions and serving them to guests at the dining room.
  6. Arranging and decorating dishes just before serving.
  7. Clearing away, tidying and cleaning the kitchen and dining room.
  8. Ensuring the proper use and care of the kitchen equipment and tools.
  9. Following strict hygiene standards and principles.

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