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Congress Is Always Lit

During congress, a lot of things happen. For instance, we have the General Assembly Meeting during which, our executives, patrons, trainers, mentors, coaches and Telescopes, all come together to wine and dine and to also network and get to know each other better. Graduating Telescopes receive their certificates and newly appointed National & Chapter Executives also get inducted into office. We play event games and do group activities. And of course, Item 13 is always fully represented – we always provide breakfast and lunch for each of the days of the congress.

General And
Socialization Events

TTCJN is not all about work and training.  We also have fun through socialization programmes which are mostly intercampus. So if you are interested in socialization and linking up, be rest assured that, we have a lot of goodies in store for you.

  • » Congress
  • » Semester After Party
  • » Adrenalin
  • » Freshers Weekend Experience
  • » Excursions And Sight Seeings
  • » Paragliding Experience
  • » Sankofa Projects and Programmes
Cover - 5th Congress - Lunch & Coffee Break

5th Congress – SAIC 2016-1 – Coffee & Lunch break



Our InterChapter Congress

Every year, TTCJN members from all the different chapters congregate on one campus to socialize, have fun, bond and share ideas to contribute to the policies of the organization. That event is our Annual Inter-Chapter Congress. It is usually designed with a series of events and activities, which always make it fun and exciting so the members always look forward to the next one.


Hall Of Fame

Acknowledgement Of Hard Working Trainees

This is a record documentation of only Telescopes who have performed exceptionally in the operations of TTCJN. Every year, one hard working member is selected from the entire membership across the whole country and he/she is inducted into the Hall of Fame.  This can really serve as a big booster to the person’s CV.

Training Events

We execute our operations through projects and programmes and it through same that our members and trainees gain real working experience. For each of our training programmes, we design specific events as part of the projects that would be planned for that programme. The different categories of events we have, have been listed below. You can also see some of our projects here.

  • » Journalism Related Events
  • » Writing Related Events
  • » Entrepreneurship Related Events
  • » NGO Work Related Events
  • » Leadership Related Events
  • » Aptitude Test In English (Tertiary, Senior High Schools And Basic Schools)
Cover - CFTV Production

CFTV – Production Time

Cover - Radio Production

CFRadio – Radio Production

0. Cover - Behind The Scenes

CFTV – Behind The Scenes (combined)

Congress Is Usually Combined With NEF

Our NEF Events

Our intercampus Networking, Entrepreneurship and Fanfair (NEF) event, is an annual business and funfair event for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and networking. Its main aim is to help students to understand entrepreneurship better and to build stronger business networks for themselves.


General Assembly - Our Resource Persons,
Mentors And Coaches

First, we have the General Assembly and during that time, our resource persons, mentors and coaches take the participants through some training sessions. Participants get to learn a lot and get inspired and motivated as well.


Item 13 - Breakfast & Lunch
Are Always Served

Adzebannnn………Item 13 is always fully represented. We always provide breakfast and lunch for each of the days of the NEF event and some people even use the lunch break to do more connections and linking ups.

Networking Sessions

Then of course there is the networking session whereby participants get
to interact and socialize among themselves as well as with the resource persons, coaches and mentors.

Volunteerism Events

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Volunteerism is the way through which Telescopes (trainees) get groomed to develop the spirit of selflessness and patriotism. In addition to our volunteerism operations and activities, we also undertake projects and programmes that are designed to tackle some of the prevalent global issues. Our volunteerism projects and global issues projects also have volunteering events embedded in them so as to achieve maximum impact. Our volunteerism events broadly fall under the following categories:

  • » Education Related Events
  • » Mentorship Related Events
  • » Environmental Protection Events
  • » Health Related Events
  • » Volunteering Training
  • » Outreach Events


Listen To
Happy Participants

Participants always enjoy themselves during congress and always look forward to the next one. Listen to their testimonies.

We Don't Work Alone

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