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Startup 1.1 - Agribusiness - Smart Protein 3.1
Startup 2.1. - FinTech - Help Out - cover
Startup 3.1. - Energy - Prime Moverless Generator - main2
Startup 4.1. - Ecommerce - Repairs Genius - cover
Startup 1.1 - Agribusiness - Smart Protein 1.1

Smart Proteins Soy Meat  is an alternative plant-based protein product that has been fortified, and can sufficiently replace beef, chicken and meat in general.

The plant-based meat market is worth USD 11.1 billion (expected to be USD 35.5 billion by 2027). So  there is a lot of growth and revenue potential for this product.

Startup 2.1. - FinTech - Help Out - Founders

Help Out is a peer-to-peer lending and personal finance management platform for young adults and startups.

In 2015, the global P2P lending market was valued at $64 billion (expected to be $100 billion by 2025). So there is great potential in this product.

Startup 3.1. - Energy - Prime Moverless Generator - Founders

The Prime Moverless Electrical Generator is a hybrid electrical generator that can produce both Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) at the same time.

Coal is currently the top energy source for the generation of electric power, but it isn’t environmentally friendly; this machine is.

Startup 4.1. - Ecommerce - Repairs Genius - founders

Repairs Genius is an e-commerce platform with its own warehouse or MRO distributions centres, that allows African businesses to get some of the critical parts need.

Considering just the auto parts market in Africa, demand is growing 11% year-on-year and will be worth $15.3 billion by 2020, according to a new report.


We Hatch And
Develop Our Startups

Entrepreneurship is one of the key aspects of our operations, and the zenith of our Entrepreneurship Training Programme is to equip students with all the skills and tools that they will need to be able to deal with graduate unemployment.  

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the tech industry is usually the favorite and indeed, globally, the tech industry is booming and leading all the other industries.

However, not everyone can be a techpreneur because not everyone is interested in tech or good at tech. Moreover, it is not the only industry that one can succeed in as an entrepreneur, especially in Africa.

So we don’t only concentrate on tech, but we help the trainees to identify the areas that they can develop potentially profitable ventures in, and try to help them to develop startups in those sectors. Afterwards, the ventures are pitched to venture capitalists for funding.

That notwithstanding, we always try to incorporate technology in each of the ventures that would be developed even if they are not fundamentally a tech businesses. We also try to design them to be eco-friendly.

Facts About The Potentials Of The African Economy

Potentials Of The African Economy

Recent growth has been due to growth in sales in commodities, services, and manufacturing.
West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa in particular, are expected to reach a combined GDP of $29 trillion by 2050.
As of 2013, Africa was the world's fastest-growing continent at 5.6% a year, and GDP is expected to rise by an average of over 6% a year between 2013 and 2023.
In 2017, the African Development Bank reported Africa to be the world's second-fastest growing economy, and estimated that, average growth will rebound to 3.4% in 2017, while growth was expected to increase by 4.3% in 2018.

As can be seen, there are a lot of opportunities that abound on the African continent and there are several opportuinities that
the youth can take advantage of. However, they need to be guided and mentored. That is the inspiration that guides us to support the young startups that our trainees come up with.


 Continentwide Impact: We impact several African countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe


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