NEF Experience

NEF Experience

Our Intercampus Networking And Funfair Event

NEF Experience

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Event 1.4 - General & Social - NEF Networking Session

Our intercampus Networking, Entrepreneurship and Fanfair (NEF) event, is an annual business and funfair event, for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and networking. It has been designed with a series of events and activities, all aimed at helping students to understand entrepreneurship better and to network with each other as well as to network with successful businessmen and business women who may even end up becoming their Mentors and Coaches.

The objective of our entrepreneurship programme is to train students for them to really understand what entrepreneurship is. And one very key aspect of entrepreneurship is  networking. That is why we decided to come up with the NEF event.


The Genesis Of NEF

How It Came About

We have been tackling the graduate unemployment issue for over a decade and we have realized that, one of the major factors that contributes to this menace is the fact that, most graduates are not properly networked or don’t have any knowledge about how to network or the importance of building networks.

So after a series of considerations, we decided to do something about it in the form of a two-day Networking, Entrepreneurship And Funfair event. So that is how come the NEF programme was born.

NEF means Networking, Entrepreneurship And Funfair. It is purely an Inter-Tertiary Networking And Funfair event.

NEF HELPS TO BUILD The Three Key Networks

The Three Key Networks

As has already been mentioned above, networking is one of the key aspects of entrepreneurship and during the NEF event, the objective is to help participants to build three types of networks.

Now as a student, one may not have a full business yet. But (s)he will be studying a programme which will eventually cause him/her to end up in a profession. The person may also have his/her interest areas like in sports, religion, arts, entertainment etc. In all these areas, one needs to start building a solid network that (s)he can fall on in case (s)he needs any form of assistance or guidance.

To be able to do that, the student needs to focus on building three different networks for himself/herself and the NEF event has been designed to help them to achieve just that. All the activities and events of the NEF event, are designed to help students to build three main networks:

  • A Professional Network (with successful business persons).
  • An Intra-Campus Network (with students from the same campus). and
  • An Inter-Campus (with students from different campuses).

How The Networking Is Done During NEF

Formal And Informal Networking Sessions

The networking objective of the NEF event is to create more bonding and connection between the participants and also with their potential mentors. So to make the networking more effective, there is a formal networking session and an informal networking session.

In fact, the informal networking session usually creates more bonding than the formal session and we make the informal networking session more fun by organizing it as a funfair. The funfair is usually full of fun activities and new games and experiences that are all intended to help the participants to have fun, enjoy themselves, network and make new friends.

Event 1.4 - General & Social - NEF Networking Session

Day 1 - Formal Networking Session

The Day 1 is usually for the Formal Networking Session and it is designed to help the participants to network with their fellow students as well as with the CEO’s and business executives. Through the discussions and activities, the students get to know different areas where they can successfully start a business and make money.

The Day 1 event normally has segments like:

  • A TED Talk/Motivational talk,
  • Panel Discussion,
  • A Brainstorming Session,
  • A Demonstration Of Innovation,
  • Time With Mentors/Motivators/Coaches and
  • A session for the students to do both intra-campus and inter-campus networking amongst themselves.

Each of these activities has been carefully designed to help the participants to effectively bond and network with each other. By thus, they are able to understand, identify and take advantage of opportunities.

They also help the participants to form business relationships and they get the opportunity to network and connect with the CEO’s and business executives, some of whom later become their mentors and coaches after the NEF event.

ITEM 13: And of course there is always item 13 – participants are given both breakfast and lunch.

Event 1.5 - General & Social - NEF Funfair Session

Day 2 - Funfair (Informal Networking Session)

On the Day 2, participants have fun, enjoy themselves, network and make new friends.

The Funfair is the informal networking session of our NEF event. Hence, the activities are not just fun activities but rather they are inherently designed to cause students to network as they have fun.

  • There are carnival games and activities whereby participants get to win prizes.
  • There are also team building games as well as minute-to-win-it games (games and activities you are to complete in less than a minute) like balloon games, water games, obstacle games etc.
  • There are also other regular intercampus activities and competitions, like intercampus dance competition and rap battles, bopping apples, eating competition, musical chairs etc.

One major side-attraction is a CEO cooking session whereby some of the CEO’s and big men we invite, get to teach the participants some cooking lessons and students get to learn how to prepare some simple desserts and delicacies. That is one of the ways participants get to network and bond with the successful CEO’s.

ITEM 13: Here too, there is item 13 – participants are once again given both breakfast and lunch.

Categories Of Attendees

Who Can Attend
The NEF Programme?

The NEF programme is mainly for tertiary students and graduates but non-students too can attend. This is because networking is not just about school neither is it only for those in school.

Tertiary Students

If you are a student at any of the tertiary institutions in any of our member countries, then you have to know that the NEF event is a very big opportunity for you, so you don’t have to miss it. You definitely have to register to attend.


If you have graduated or about to graduate, then you should also know that you need a solid network even more than those who are still in school. Hence, as a graduate or someone who is about to graduate, you should make it a point to be present. You have to register to attend.


Even if you are not in school at the moment or even if you are currently not at the tertiary level, you should consider attending the NEF event. This is because, networking is not just about school. A strong personal network can really be a big asset for you whether you are a student or not.

Everyone Is Invited To The Funfair

The Day 1 of the NEF event is usually for the formal networking. However, the Day 2 is for informal networking and having fun. Hence, with the Day 2, everyone is invited. Participants are encouraged to come along with their family members and friends who may not even be students at the tertiary level. So as can be seen, inasmuch as we have fun through all the games and activities, the funfair is also used to enhance the networking in an informal way.

What Happens During NEF

Previous NEF Events

NEF events are always fun and exciting. participants, guests, patrons and mentors all get involved and
share in the fun as well. Take a look at some pictures from some of the previous NEF events. Click on any picture below to see it well.


General Assembly - Our Resource Persons,
Mentors And Coaches

First, we have the General Assembly Meeting and during that time, our resource persons, mentors and coaches take the participants through some training sessions. Participants get to learn a lot and get inspired and motivated as well.


Speeches And Reports By
Chapter Managers

Also, speeches are read by the invited guests and reports are given by the Chapter Managers of the various TTCJN Chapters. Our patrons and resource persons also motivate and inspire the participants.

Networking Sessions

Then of course there is the networking session whereby participants get
to interact and socialize among themselves as well as with the resource persons, coaches and mentors.


Certifications And Inductions

Trainees who go through our training programmes successfully, receive their certificates and the newly appointed National & Chapter Executives of TTCJN also get inducted into office.


Games, Singing And Other Activities

Even with the Day 1, it’s not all formal. We do some informal activities and those informal sessions activate more bonding among the participants and mentors. We play event games and do group activities. During one of the previous NEF events, we played a game called “Concentration”. As you can see, everyone present was included in the game, even our patrons and guests. We all had fun and enjoyed ourselves.


Games, Singing And Other Activities

Again with the Day 1, it is not all formal. Our ladies sing some love songs and even at one of the previous events, one lady from UDS rapped Wiz Khalifa’s _“It’s been a looonnngg daayyyy……”. I hope you know that song.


Fun Activities – Pool Sessions

Now see some of the Fun activities that we usually have at our NEF. If you don’t know how to swim, don’t worry, we’ll teach you. During the pool games too, the CEOs and guests that we invite join us so we do more networking and bonding.


Fun Activities – Out Of Pool Games

We don’t only have fun in the pool. We also do fun games on solid ground as well and as has been said, Item 13 is provided on the fun days as well.


Item 13

Adzebannnn!!!………Item 13 is always fully represented. We always provide breakfast and lunch for each of the days of the NEF event and some people even use the lunch break to do more connections and linking ups.


ICE Conferences

Leadership is teamwork. So during NEF events, we usually have an Inter-Chapter Executives Conference (ICE Conference) for the Chapter Managers of TTCJN. The ICE Conference is basically and executive meeting for just the various Chapter Managers of TTCJN and the Founder and Continental Executive Director of the organization.


Photo Session

When we are done with everything, we take photos to remember the activities of the event. They really make the NEF events memorable.

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