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We believe in the youth, and it is our hope to see as many young guys and ladies become successful entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, within the first two years, most startups fail. We solve this through the training, mentorship and coaching programmes of The Telescope Training And Mentorship Academy (TMA). Telescopes (trainees) are groomed to become great entrepreneurs and CEOs whilst they are still in school. They do three things:

  • One's Own Business (We build it from scratch and even help the person to get it registered).
  • Three Portfolios (Related to one's profession, interest & social work).
  • A Strong Network (To succeed in business, one needs networks and connections).

Building Potentially Profitable Companies From Scratch

Our Startups

Startup 1.1 - Agribusiness - Smart Protein 3.1
Startup 2.1. - FinTech - Help Out - cover
Startup 3.1. - Energy - Prime Moverless Generator - main2
Startup 4.1. - Ecommerce - Repairs Genius - cover
Startup 1.1 - Agribusiness - Smart Protein 1.1

Smart Proteins Soy Meat  is an alternative plant-based protein product that has been fortified, and can sufficiently replace beef, chicken and meat in general.

The plant-based meat market is worth USD 11.1 billion (expected to be USD 35.5 billion by 2027). So  there is a lot of growth and revenue potential for this product.

Startup 2.1. - FinTech - Help Out - Founders

Help Out is a peer-to-peer lending and personal finance management platform for young adults and startups.

In 2015, the global P2P lending market was valued at $64 billion (expected to be $100 billion by 2025). So there is great potential in this product.

Startup 3.1. - Energy - Prime Moverless Generator - Founders

The Prime Moverless Electrical Generator is a hybrid electrical generator that can produce both Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) at the same time.

Coal is currently the top energy source for the generation of electric power, but it isn’t environmentally friendly; this machine is.

Startup 4.1. - Ecommerce - Repairs Genius - founders

Repairs Genius is an e-commerce platform with its own warehouse or MRO distributions centres, that allows African businesses to get some of the critical parts need.

Considering just the auto parts market in Africa, demand is growing 11% year-on-year and will be worth $15.3 billion by 2020, according to a new report.


CEOs And Co-Founders

The objective of our entrepreneurship training programme is not just to train the students in the art of entrepreneurship, but to also get them to build real companies by the time they are done with the training programme. Trainees are assisted through partnerships and guided through mentorship and coaching.

100 +

CEOs & Co-Founders

20 +

Products & Services

50 +

Mentors & Coaches

Triple Bottom Line Approach

Each of our startups is built with the triple bottom line approach.
Profit (revenue), Social (impact), Eco-friendly (environmental).

Our InterCampus Networking And Funfair Event

NEF Experience

young-black-professionals - bordered 1
Event 1.4 - General & Social - NEF Networking Session

Our Intercampus Networking, Entrepreneurship And Funfair (NEF) event, is an annual business and networking event for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and networking. It has been designed with a series of events and activities, all aimed at helping students to network with each other as well as to network and bond with successful businessmen and business women who may even end up becoming their mentors and coaches.


Our Mentors And Coaches

These are seasoned men and women who have several years of experience in business and have decided to
dedicate some amount of their time to mentor and coach the upcoming generation. They are assigned to each of our startups and they guide and assist them.

Alumnus (2007): University of Mines & Technology Chapter. [PROFESSION: Founder & Continental Exec. Director, The Telescope Int. - Ghana], (IMPACT AREAS: Mentorship, Youth Development, Research)
Alumnus (2015): University of Ghana Chapter. [PROFESSION: Executive Director, RAM Foundation - Ghana], (IMPACT AREAS: Swahili, Entrepreneurship, Policy Analysis)
Alumnus (2018): University of Ghana Chapter. [PROFESSION: Health And Social Care Worker - UK], (IMPACT AREAS: Leadership, Activism, Volunteering)
Alumnus (2013): University of Ghana Chapter. [PROFESSION: Sports Journalist And Presenter, Okese FM - Ghana], (IMPACT AREAS: Media, Youth Development, Mentoring)

Business, Management And Leadership Training

Entrepreneurship Training

The objective of the Entrepreneurship Training Module is to train students and make it possible for them to build their own businesses whilst still in school (even before they graduate), and they are able to do so under the guidance of highly experienced mentors.

The training curriculum has been designed to take them through the basics of entrepreneurship to the point where they can convert their ideas into viable successful businesses. Hence, they are trained to develop their entrepreneurial skills, gain financial literacy and understand partnerships. They also learn how to write their own business plans and build successful businesses based on the business plans they write.

tma_trainees - real

Our Training And Mentorship Academy

The Telescope Training
And Mentorship Academy

The training aspect of TTCJN’s operations is handled by The Telescope Training and Mentorship Academy (TMA). The Telescope TMA is a training and mentorship center that adopts innovative ways to train, guide and mentor trainees. It specializes in startup capital development and helps students to build their own companies and gain working experience whilst still in school, under the guidance of highly experienced mentors.

There are currently four training modules being run by The Telescope TMA. ie:

Real Projects And Activities To Gain Working Experience

Entrepreneurship Working Experience


The Three Different Portfolios

Each student who joins TTCJN is trained and guided such that, (s)he will be able to build three different portfolios that will make him/her very valuable and position him/her well to be able to take advantage of opportunities. A portfolio is like a CV or resume for a specific aspect of one’s life. So the three different portfolios we help our trainees to build are:

  • A Professional Portfolio (related to the course the person is studying in school).
  • An Interest Portfolio (related to something that the person is passionate about).
  • A Social Work Portfolio (related to the person’s volunteerism and selflessness activities).
00. NBU - Social Impact Award - cover

NBU – Social Impact Project Award

0.0. NBU - Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

NBU Training – Mr. Minkah’s Session – Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Events RELATED TO OUR Entrepreneurship FOCUS AREAS

Entrepreneurship Events

Cover - 4th Congress - Day 3 - Conference

4th Congress – SAIC 2015-2 – Day 3 – Ice Conference

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