Campaigns And Petitions

Campaigns And Petitions


Why Should You Sign A Petition Or Join Our Campaigns?

Sign A Petition

  • By signing a petition, you make your voice heard and you help to put an end to an injustice or bring about a change to an issue you feel strongly about.
  • Signing a petition is a way to participate in the present and create the future. Each name and signature attached to a petition adds legitimacy to the campaign.
  • Petitions are an integral part of our campaign strategies. By signing any of our petitions, you join the thousands who come together to cause a change.

We Mount Pressure And Cause Change


A campaign is a planned sequence of activities, projects and processes which are co-ordinated to promote a specific agenda and achieve a specific aim. It is usually to create awareness, bring about a change or help to put an end to an injustice.

In TTCJN we periodically undertake campaigns in situations where particular policies or situations are not in the favor of the youth or students. This is usually, done as part of our projects.


We State Our Case And Demand Action


A petition is a formal written request to do something, most commonly addressed to a government official or someone in authority or a superior. It is usually done in a respectful and official manner and it has to have the signatures of all those who are in support of the request or strongly feel about the issues raised in the petition.

Sometimes, a complaint is rather presented instead of a petition. A complaint is filed to seek damages or to get a defendant to start or stop doing something.

Petitions are often used in an appeal to cause the authority to reconsider certain decisions based on the presented facts of the request.

How We Campaign

Our Activism

As youth who are the future leaders of the world, we always have to ensure that we make our voices heard and act to change any status quo that is not in our favor.  Hence, as part of the campaigns, we organize petitions, issue white papers, organize protests, embark on an outreach, write articles, use social media as well as print and electronic media.

 Continentwide Impact: We impact several African countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe

Our Campaigns And Petitions

Our campaigns and petitions are actions that we take to support projects and programmes that are in line with our causes and mission.

Photo Of Campaign - Education - Webinar- Government Should Provide COVID-19 Gadgets For Students
Photo Of Campaign - Education - More Girls Should Be Receive Quality Education
Photo Of Petition - Education - Petition For Academic Ease
Photo Of Petition - Education - Request To Provide Both Online And Offline Modes Of Examination
Photo Of Petition - Education - Tell Governments To Invest In Every Child's Future
Photo Of Petition - Education - Education On Racism, Tribalism And Diversity Should Be Added To All School Curricula
Photo Of Petition - Education - We Demand 5G On Our Campuses

Some Of Our Projects

Related Projects

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