About Us – TTCJN

About Us – TTCJN


The Telescope
Campus Journalists Network

Who We Are

A Great Training
Opportunity For Students

The Telescope Campus Journalists Network (TTCJN) is a subsidiary of The Telescope International (a youth and student-development organization).

TTCJN has been set up, specifically to train, mentor and coach students as well as help them to gain real working experience whilst still in school. As they are being trained, they build professional portfolios as well as professional networks for themselves. TTCJN achieves this by working hand-in-hand with its sister organization, The Telescope Training and Mentorship Academy (TMA).

When a student signs up to become a member of TTCJN, (s)he is first taken through a training programme by The Telescope TMA and after the training, TTCJN takes over the development, mentorship and coaching, and helps the student to practice and build portfolios under the guidance of highly experienced mentors

In short, The Telescope TMA is for training and TTCJN is for practicals, experience gaining and portfolio building.

Our aim is to groom the students and make it possible for them to overcome the challenges that graduate unemployment presents. We focus on:

Students get trained and receive mentoring in all six focus areas, and they also get the opportunity to gain working experience in each of them as they build professional and networking portfolios for themselves.

We don’t just train. We mentor and groom each Telescope (trainee) to become a competent professional. We have some very seasoned and experienced mentors and coaches.

Our training programmes have real projects to help Telescopes to gain real working experience. Telescopes can even form business partnerships with the Telescope organization itself.

We train our members to be also concerned about global issues and we groom them to be selfless and patriotic – to be always willing to tackle global issues and make positive impacts.

Mentorship & Coaching
Diverse Team Members
Training Support And Funding

What We Stand For

Discipline, Dedication And Determination

The Telescope Campus Journalists Network (TTCJN) is an offshoot of The Telescope International, which is an organization with a mission. Here, we mentor and we train students. TTCJN has been set up to help the youth to gain a much brighter future by giving them most of the pertinent skills, tools and experiences that they will need to survive after school. If you decide to join us, know that we are all about Discipline, Dedication And Determination (the 3 D’s). So that is the kind of character we will be expecting from you, because that is who we are and that is how we train our members.

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Why Choose TTCJN

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What We Do At TTCJN

Our mission is to train and mentor students and to help them to gain real working experience whilst still in school, with the aim of tackling graduate unemployment. Whilst at it, we imbue the sense of selflessness and patriotism in them through volunteerism activities. We understand students, because we have been executing this mission for many years. We have some very seasoned trainers, facilitators, mentors and coaches, who mentor, guide and coach the Telescopes (trainees) as they are being trained.

  • Professional Training.
  • Great Mentoring And Coaching.
  • Working Experience.
  • Volunteerism Projects.
  • Professional Portfolio As Well As Networking Portfolio Development.

Not Just Training,
But Mentorship And Coaching Too

The training aspect of TTCJN’s operations is handled by The Telescope Training and Mentorship Academy (TMA) and it is not just traininig, but mentorship and coaching as well. Our training academy adopts innovative ways to ensure that the best student development strategies are applied to achieve the expected results. Our objective is to train each Telescope (trainee) to become professional and competent in skills, even before the person graduates from school. Hence, each training curriculum has real practical projects associated with it. Telescopes also get to take up roles and responsibilities that help them to develop skills in leadership and management.

  • Carefully Designed Training Curriculum.
  • Practical Projects And Events.
  • Practical And Hand-On Training.
  • Field Work And Research Training.
  • Leadership And Management Grooming.
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Mentorship And Working Experience Are Part Of Our Training Programmes

Our objective is not just to give our Telescopes (trainees) the training and say goodbye to them for them to then start struggling to find their feet. In addition to the training, as they execute their practical projects, Telescopes get great mentorship and coaching to help them to gain hands-on experience.

  • Great Coaching And Mentoring.
  • Practical Projects, Programmes And Events.
  • Field Work And Research.
  • Internship At The Telescope Headqurters.
  • Internship At Great Companies And With Experienced People.

We Imbue Selflessness
And Patriotism In Our Members

We believe that life is not all about work. One should have empathy and should also be willing to give back to society. As part of our mission, as we train students, we imbue the sense of selflessness and patriotism in them through volunteerism activities and projects related to other pertinent global issues.

  • Education: Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme.
  • Health: Community Health Outreach Programme.
  • Environment: Campus Impact Recycling Programme.
  • Global Issues: Selected SDGs
  • NGO Work: Experience In NGO Work Formation.
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Certificates We Give To Trainees

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We Have Fun And Make Impact As Well

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What People Say

Testimonials About TTCJN

Monica Hanson

Chapter Supervisor, UENR
Joining TTCJN was one of the best decisions of my life. Through its training programmes, mentorship and coaching, I’ve really learnt a lot and I’ve developed my skills and passions. It has also helped me to improve upon my academics since the lessons of the training complement academic work.

Dzifa Blagogee

TTCJN Alumni (2018)
TTCJN taught me a lot about leadership, management and commitment. In addition to gaining the skills and experience, I learnt how to properly network with others and how to volunteer and impact the lives of others. I’m proud of who I am today, thanks to TTCJN and The Telescope International.

Michael Hammond

CEO at BizAfrica
Our partnership with The Telescope International is very long standing. Over the years, we have worked together on various projects and programmes and have succeeded in achieving mutual results and benefits. We are proud to be associated with the work that The Telescope is doing through TTCJN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is very easy to become a member of TTCJN.

  • If you are that Tertiary level, then you will have to sign up and join our Senior Chapter on your campus.
  • If you are at the SHS level, then you will have to join our Junior Chapter on your campus rather.
  • However, if you are currently not in school or you are out of school, you can also join us but you will have to register as a Non-Student member.

  • Yes. We have four training programmes that you can register for. After going through the training successfully, you will receive certificates based on the number of programmes you registered for. So you can get 1, 2, 3 or all 4 certificates.
  • In addition, each member partakes in our volunteerism programme. So you will receive a certificate in that regard too.
  • And if you are appointed as a Chapter Manager or leader in any respect, that one too, you shall receive a certificate for it.

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Email: [email protected]

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