BOT – David Twumasi-Minkah

BOT – David Twumasi-Minkah

David Twumasi-Minkah

Founder and Continental Executive Director, The Telescope International.

“No man is free until he learns to do his own thinking and gains the courage to act on his own personal initiatives. Because if you learn to control your mind, you would cease to be controlled by the minds of others.”


Minkah holds a BSc. Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, Ghana and certificates in Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Barclays, British Council and other reputable organizations.

Training and youth development are his passion, so he aside his organization, he has had other appointments as well. He was selected as a Training Facilitator for the No Business As Usual (NBU) project (a joint project by the European Union, SOS Netherlands, SOS Ghana and the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly) and was also selected as part of the top applicants (25 out of 100 applicants) for the SEED Training of Trainers programme by the UNDP and IUCN.

He founded The Telescope International in 2005 whilst still in school, and has been working full time on the organization since then to date. His passion is in youth and leadership development and he is zealous about helping students to be well prepared for life after school so as to tackle graduate unemployment and to become self-reliant. Thus, he is constantly doing his best to create opportunities for students whilst they are still in school. He directly interacts with each member of the student network of the organization (TTCJN), on a one-on-one basis, so as to help him better understand each student. This creates a personal bond and a friendly relationship with each student who joins TTCJN.

He loves to eat good food, cook, watch wrestling, play badminton and swim. He is passionate about youth & student development, entrepreneurship, volunteerism, sustainable development and helping others. Lastly, he is always eager to lead organizations to maximize impact.

Skills And Experience

He has over 15 years of working experience in leadership, research & data analysis, business, entrepreneurship, management, as well as youth and student development. The training division of the organization is The Telescope Training and Mentorshp Academy (TMA). Since its inception, Minkah has been the main coordinator of the training programmes – overseeing the design of the training curricula, directing other training facilitators, supervising the training programmes, overseeing the recruitment of new members into the programme etc.

He has a very adept knowledge in software Design, Database Management, Website Design, WordPress, Graphic Design and Multimedia. Hence, he successfully developed a database software (Minkah’s Coordinates Archive) for the Regional Survey Department of Cape Coast, Ghana. He also developed the Virtual Office System that is currently used to run the organization, TTYLAN and TTCJN.

He is specialized in the areas of advocacy, project and programmes (their development and management), youth leadership and governance, entrepreneurship and start up capital development, virtual office systems (their development and management), youth civic engagements, environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

In the area of marketing, he has vast years of experience in Social Media Marketing, Product Research, SEO Article Writing and Content Marketing. He is also a poet and a writer with over 100 poems and a book on business and ICT to his credit.

Back in his school days, he took numerous leadership positions and was appointed to various committees and bodies. He was the very first President of the Chamber of Mines Hall Junior Common Room Council (JCRC) of the University of Mines and Technology as well as the very first representative of the JCR on the Student Representative Council of the same university. Thus, he has a complete understanding of student life, student leadership and student preferences. This has given him a very comprehensive knowledge of how to lead and direct students and the youth.

Commitment And Volunteer Services

To ensure that each person who joins either of the networks of TTJMI benefits greatly, Minkah takes a personal interest in each member.

The Telescope Young Leaders of Africa Network (TTYLAN), is the professional network of The Telescope International. With respect to TTYLAN, he personally interacts with the various members and guides and assists them in the execution of volunteer projects and programmes, as well as their training assignments. He also encourages and reassures each member to ensure that, their interest in TTYLAN is sustained. By thus, the membership stays motivated and works towards the vision of achieving a much better Africa.

The student network, TTCJN, on the other hand, has also been designed to help students to gain working experience and entrepreneurial skills, as they develop their interests and talents in media and writing. Here too, he personally and directly interacts with each member on a one-on-one basis so as to help him (Minkah) better understand how to customize the training program for each student.

He goes beyond his official duties in the organization, to do further volunteer work for the members of TTCJN. He dedicates at least an hour a day, to guide students who are having problems with the English language, to improve upon themselves. He is always available for further consultations, free of charge and  he uses his own money to buy phone credits to call them to discuss their work, outside office hours.

These acts of kindness have thus given him a personal relationship with all the professionals and students who are a part of the networks of The Telescope International, and further allows him to have a personal influence over each member who joins either of the networks.

Interests And Passion

He is a visionary leader, a mentor, a peer motivator, an international youth advocate, a peace practitioner, a social change maker, youth activist and above all, a determined young man, who doesn’t take “NO” as an answer for something that he believes is achievable. He is an entrepreneur and an innovator who believes in self-help and self-dependence.  His personal axiom is,

“No man is free unless he learns to do his own thinking and gains the courage to act on his own personal initiatives. Because if you learn to control your mind, you would cease to be controlled by the minds of others”.

He believes in computers and technology, and advocates for IT training and the application of computer skills in all aspects of human education.

His interests are volunteerism, good governance and leadership, youth, entrepreneurship, media, writing, IT and talent development issues.

Aside that, he is very passionate about international affairs, global policy and governance, as well as the development and the role of young people in self-dependence and in the management of the world.

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