Our Mission, Vision And Pillars

Our Mission, Vision And Pillars

Why We Do What We Do And Where We Are Going

Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission (Why We Do What We Do), is to train and mentor students and help them to gain real working experience whilst still in school, with the aim of tackling graduate unemployment. Whilst at it, we imbue the sense of selflessness in them through volunteerism activities.

In simple terms, our mission is:

To train and mentor students and help them to gain working experience whilst still in school.


Our Vision

Our Vision (Where We Aspire To Be), is to become the best organization in terms of youth development, training, mentorship and coaching.

Relationship Between Our Mission And Vision Statements

There is harmony between our Mission and Vision Statements in that, as an organisation, our mission (everyday operations) should be working towards our vision (future ambition).

Our Mission Statement summarises the purpose for which TTCJN exists. It answers the question, “What are we here for?” and “What are we supposed to do and achieve?”. It is what defines what we are supposed to be doing on a daily basis.

Thus, this is how we brand ourselves. All our operations are related to the keywords in the Mission Statement. If we go outside of those keywords, then it means that we are losing focus.


Our Vision Statement summarises the destination of TTCJN. It answers the question, “Where do we want to be?” or “What do we want to become in the next five, ten or even twenty years?”.

Once again, we focus on the keywords of the Vision Statement in order to stay on course.


The Foundations We Stand On

Our Pillars

The Pillars of TTCJN are the principles by which The Telescope International operates. The organization has been successful to date because it is firmly grounded on the ethics below. These are the characteristic traits that are imbued in each of our Telescopes (members).

The pillars which form the building blocks of TTCJN are:

  • Discipline.
  • Obedience.
  • Punctuality.
  • Dedication.
  • Commitment and
  • Sacrifice.

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