(Don) Michael Hammond Is Spearheading Ghana’s Rising Success Stories Through The BizzAfrica Magazine

0. Don - Michael Hammond - cover

Alumnus (2011): University of Cape Coast Chapter (Editor-in-Chief, BizzAfrica: Entrepreneurship, Youth Development, Media & Publications)

About Michael, MLD Publications And BizzAfrica

Michael Hammond is currently the Editor-In-Chief of BizzAfrica, a journal by MLD Publications, which is focused on young African entrepreneurs.

He started MLD Publications in the year 2009, whiles pursuing a first degree at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, and has over the years, spearheaded its growth into one of Ghana’s rising success stories.

MLD Publications’ first magazine, Public Eye, provided valuation information in a myriad of areas, such as education, health and tourism. It was in both hardcopy and online digital versions. The publication run until Saturday, January 2, 2016, when it was rebranded as BizzAfrica, with a focus on young African entrepreneurs.

Over the years, BizzAfrica has featured top entrepreneurs such as Anne Amuzu, a co-founder of Nandi Mobile, Richard Dogbe, the CEO of Jobhouse Recruitment Services and Edwin Obi Wilson, the brain behind Ed Obi Fashion Wear.

3. Don - Michael Hammond - BizzAfrica mag3. Don - Michael Hammond - BizzAfrica mag

In 2016, together with his team, he won the Inter-University Challenge during the 2016 African Universities Day and Innovation Week, organized by the Association of African Universities (AAU)

Michael has also been instrumental in the organization of a number of high profile events as well. In October 2016, 2. Don - Michael Hammond - Partnershiphe successfully partnered with some stakeholders to organize the first Young Entrepreneurs Summit in Ghana.

Again, from April 18 to 20, 2018, he worked with the Association of African Universities (AAU) to organize the maiden edition of the African Youth Summit in Accra, Ghana.

We are proud of him as one of our Telescope Dons (alumni)


He was the very first person to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame of TTCJN.

And for being able to survive all the difficulties of the training programmes and not giving up, he received the title of “The Last Man Standing“.



00. Hall Of Fame (HOF) 2010 - Michael Hammond(Don) Michael Hammond is part of the 2011 year group of the TTCJN alumni. He belonged to the University of Cape Coast Chapter.

He was a very hard working and committed member and because of that, was appointed as the Chapter Manager of the UCC Chapter and further rose to the highest national office as the National Coordinator for Chapter Affairs for the organization.

During his tenure as Chapter Manager, membership increased by 30% and revenue from the sale of our intercampus newspaper also increased by a similar margin. He has a high team spirit and is able to really motivate his subordinates to work towards any objective.

He did his part both as a Telescope and leader, and eventually graduated as a Front Page Correspondent (Level 3 Rank).

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