White Paper (Continentwide): Employment And Employability In Africa – Education, Job Creation And Skills Development

Photo Of White Paper - Continentwide - Employment And Employability In Africa – Education, Job

White Paper (Continentwide): Employment And Employability In Africa – Education, Job Creation And Skills Development


Africa is home to the world’s youngest population and the numbers keep growing exponentially. However, the growth in population size is not commensurate with the growth in the number of available jobs. Every year, approximately 12 million young people enter the labour market, but a greater percentage of this number is unable to find any meaningful job to do.

There is therefore the need to create more jobs so as to instil hope in Africa’s youth. However, the creation of more jobs is also bedevilled with a couple of challenges which make that ambition quite daunting. Primary, amongst the challenges is the kind of education that is offered in most African countries.

The solution is not necessarily education of long duration, but rather, to consider more carefully, the specific qualifications that are required in the labour market. This will allow young people to get a job more easily, or even create jobs for themselves as entrepreneurs. The green transition represents new requirements but also opens up new opportunities. By ensuring that young people have the right qualifications, we can create jobs and at the same time, contribute to the green transition. This will in effect create solutions that are mutually reinforcing.

The objective of this white paper is to highlight selected key challenges and compile the most important ones in an overall analysis. This we believe, can help to identify concrete and locally anchored solutions that will benefit the youth of Africa.


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