Petition (Ghana): We Demand 5G On Our Campuses

Photo Of Petition - Education - We Demand 5G On Our Campuses

Petition (Ghana): We Demand 5G On Our Campuses

As the recent COVID-19 pandemic highlights, reliable connectivity is essential and depends on having a strong communications infrastructure. 5G can take education to the next level. Imagine students having the ability to “interact” with atoms from their virtual classroom using VR/AR technology or medical professionals at KNUST Hospital leveraging 3-D scans to better treat patients.

But 5G isn’t just the next “G” in your phone — it’s a societal game-changer on par with the advent of electric power a century ago.

And just like a century ago, 5G’s greatest breakthroughs have yet to be imagined. 

Mobile technology is reshaping the way we live and do business, and 5G is a fundamental platform for its continued innovation. 5G connectivity is expected to completely transform public safety. New augmented and virtual reality systems could help first responders, police officers, firefighters, and even airport workers protect our community, and more broadly, our way of life.

It is therefore vital that we start getting the 5G network on our educational campuses.

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