Campaign (Ghana): Webinar – Government Should Provide COVID-19 Gadgets For Students

Photo Of Campaign - Education - Webinar- Government Should Provide COVID-19 Gadgets For Students

Webinar: Government Should Provide COVID-19 Gadgets For Students

After a year that involved a global pandemic, school closures, nationwide remote instruction, and an election, the role of education has never been more critical or more uncertain. When the dust settles from this year, what will education look like — and what should it aspire to?

But now that schools and tertiary institutions are resuming, with COVID-19 still around, the danger of infection is still very prevalent. Protective gadgets are very much needed in the various institutions to ensure that students are well protected.

Unfortunately, not much is being done to ensure that protective gadgets are supplied to the schools.

To discuss this issue and see a possible way forward, The Telescope International is putting together a team of experts and professionals in a webinar, to explore some of the pertinent questions and to suggest ways that can be presented to government for the PPE’s to be supplied to students.

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