One Long Trail – Chapter 4

One Long Trail

Author: Alex Bruno (Ghana)  |  10 Part Story


5,000 – 5,500 Words  |  Mystery, Adventure, African

Chapter 4

The Blackout

Meba Becomes Lifeless On Their Arrival To Amune.

She bent over rubbing her stomach with her right hand, and the other one perched on her waist. “Like am gonna throw up”, Meba replied faintly.

Swiftly, Young supported her up with one hand, with the other on her forehead. “You have a fever”, he exclaimed with awe; having felt how warm she was. Meba gave a wan nod, “I think so”, she said. Before she could say anything anymore, she blacked out slowly in Young’s arms. Young panicked immediately, so he carried her to a comfortable place and went to look for help in the village. When Young returned with help, Meba was still lying unconscious under the huge oak tree he had carefully laid her. Plaits of sweat had formed all over her face and she had begun to convulse slightly. “We must hurry if you wish to save her,” the wise old man he came back with said.

He motioned two other young men who had joined in to help. We must move her now to the village. “But how?” asked the youngest of the men. “Yes, in this state, carrying her on the back would be fatal.” The old man who by this time was kneeling at Meba’s side, and gently wiping the beads of sweat from her face chipped in. Young looked around, reached for his backpack, and immediately dashed to the nearby bushes whilst calling out to them, “I will be right back, please take care of her.” The two young men had astonishment written all over their faces.

“We thought they were strangers? Where could he have disappeared to?” They inquired of the old man. “Help me out here, we shall find out when he returns”. Meba had stopped convulsing and almost looked lifeless. The old man reached into his herb-filled jute bag, which hung around his neck and pulled out some herbs. He ground the herbs in his left palm with his right fingers, stopping to add a drop of alcohol, which was equally tucked away inside his jute bag. “I need you to hold her hands and legs down firmly”. Amazed at why the old man would ask them to hold down someone almost lifeless, they obliged with the youngest holding her legs and the other holding her hands.

The old man supported her head with his left hand and held the processed herb to her nose with his right. Meba’s body shook violently, as signs of life returned to her body. At that instant, Young emerged from the bushes, dragging palm fronds and climbing plants behind him. Seeing the scene before him, he dropped everything and rushed to Meba’s side. “What happened? Why is she restrained? Why is she like this?” he blurted out in one breath. “Accccheeewww.” Meba let out a big long sneeze as though in answer to his questions. The shaking had stopped and life seemed to have returned to her body, but she was still very worn out. “We almost lost her, now we must hurry,” the old man said, getting up from where he knelt. The young men were at this point fascinated by all they had witnessed.

To Be Continued…….. 

[Author: Alex Bruno (Ghana), ©The Telescope International. All Rights Reserved.]

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Table Of Contents

The  Truth

Guy Young sees the secret about Goha.

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Deal Or No Deal

Young accepts to help Meba.

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A Fearful Ride

Meba and Young find their way out of Goha.

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The Blackout

Meba becomes lifeless on their arrival to Amune.

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Meba’s Disappearance

Princess Meba’s disappearance – A worry to the people of Goha.

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A Night Expedition

Young and the old man have a good night time interaction.

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Echoes Of The Sacred ‘Ofor’

What happened beyond the stony path?

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A Secret To The Throne

The ultimate legacy of the throne to be revealed.

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Beyond The Journey

Meba’s enthusiasm to get the ‘ofor’.

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A New King Is Chosen

Young becomes the rightful heir to the throne.

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