One Long Trail – Chapter 3

One Long Trail

Author: Alex Bruno (Ghana)  |  10 Part Story


5,000 – 5,500 Words  |  Mystery, Adventure, African

Chapter 3

A Fearful Ride

Meba And Young Find Their Way Out Of Goha.

However, King Basa, knowing Kong was the rightful heir to the throne made him King before he passed away.

Back in the village of Goha, Meba was sharing her plan with Young. “Impossible!!”, Young stated after Meba was through. “But you are a brave young man? If you make up your mind to do it you can.” Meba insisted. “I know, I know…but this is too dangerous. What if we are caught? I am certainly going to face the executioner’s axe, but you are probably going to end up on some beach sipping some coconut juice. No, I don’t think I can do this.” Young insisted. However, after some persuasion from the beautiful lady, his hardened heart yielded. They both then agreed to set off the following day.

Young and Meba tore through the path that leads to the village creek, Oliendu, which furnished the entire village with water for all purposes. On the East of the Oliendu creek, laid a connecting path that emerged at the river Jidda, where travelers board ferries out of the village. Checking around for the ferry, and the presence of palace guards, Young turned left past a tall coconut tree to the docking yard and waved Meba to proceed; they didn’t want any of the palace guards to see them.

The ferry was not there, in its stead were hand-paddled canoes. A round raced man in a red shirt, and tattered looking jeans emerged from the bushes towards them. “Looking for a ride?” he called out. The man’s voice was friendly, he didn’t sound like someone from around there, and he had an accent that Young couldn’t quite figure out. “Anywhere?” the man asked. “Yes, please,” Young said as his eyes met with Meba’s. He could see her blue eyes turning blue-black and he knew she wouldn’t like the idea of riding in a canoe. They followed the gentleman as he ordered.

Meba’s eyes grew darker as she tapped Young on the shoulder in fear. “We are riding in that?” she asked bewildered.  The man stepped into the canoe, waiting for them, as Young tried to convince her of its safety. Suddenly, they heard two palace guards calling out and running towards them. As they hurriedly climbed into the canoe, Meba felt tensed, she was not accustomed to water bodies and couldn’t swim. Not knowing how she would react, he reached out and grabbed her hands into his, steering her gently to sit on a plank laid out in the canoe. Meba grinned and looked the other way, trying as much as possible to hide her fear. The man paddled away and soon enough; they were adrift on the river.

The canoe ride seemed amazingly smooth, but not for Meba who clung tightly to Young’s arm. The only exception was that it didn’t run on the motor. Meba, had been obsessed with her whole life, by what you could refer to as an aqua phobia. Her aversion to water bodies was not debilitating, but it had always frustrated her. She avoided going to swimming with friends, and family when the occasion arose and was always quick to refuse the invitation with a gleeful question, “No thanks, do you know what happens to a stone dropped in water?”

Fifty-four minutes passed, when an incredulous and seasick Meba, stepped out the canoe onto the muddy edge of land they finally docked at. She felt a little relieved, as a crisp of breeze rustled through her hair. “Welcome to Amune,” the man offered, flying out his hand in courtesy and bowing at the same time. Young looked around for a second, paid him and they parted ways.

Young then took the map out from the bag he had packed it in and pointed to Meba their current location. “How do you feel, are you ok?” Young asked rushing to Meba’s side. She looked deathly pale and burning up. She bent over rubbing her stomach with her right hand, and the other one perched on her waist. “Like am gonna throw up”, Meba replied faintly.

To Be Continued……..

 [Author: Alex Bruno (Ghana), ©The Telescope International. All Rights Reserved.]

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Table Of Contents

The  Truth

Guy Young sees the secret about Goha.

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Deal Or No Deal

Young accepts to help Meba.

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A Fearful Ride

Meba and Young find their way out of Goha.

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The Blackout

Meba becomes lifeless on their arrival to Amune.

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Meba’s Disappearance

Princess Meba’s disappearance – A worry to the people of Goha.

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A Night Expedition

Young and the old man have a good night time interaction.

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Echoes Of The Sacred ‘Ofor’

What happened beyond the stony path?

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A Secret To The Throne

The ultimate legacy of the throne to be revealed.

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Beyond The Journey

Meba’s enthusiasm to get the ‘ofor’.

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A New King Is Chosen

Young becomes the rightful heir to the throne.

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