One Long Trail – Chapter 10

One Long Trail

Author: Alex Bruno (Ghana)  |  10 Part Story


5,000 – 5,500 Words  |  Mystery, Adventure, African

Chapter 10

A New King Is Chosen

Young Becomes The Rightful Heir To The Throne.

“The culprit is Guy Young as we suspected. They are on the way to the palace as I speak.” Kwanza reported.

“Well done. Now we can stop them in time.” King Kang said as he gloated.

Meba and Young were climbing the dreaded Mountain Kayana – which was, unfortunately, going to be the final phase of their adventure. Meba was way ahead of Young since her strength had been renewed by the proximity of their destination. Young was as tired as he could be but pressed on.

“Young! Hurry and get up here” he heard from Meba, who had gotten to the top.  He looked up and saw Meba’s eager face and hurried up to get there. Finally, he got there. Just as he was about to call Meba, a shriek startled him. He turned towards the direction of the sound and saw King Kang standing there with his guards gripping Meba.

Young was immediately reminded of the dream he had at the beginning of the whole tale. But before he could react…..

“I have finally gotten you, you thief!” King Kang bellowed.

“No, father, I stole the map!” Meba pleaded.

King Kang looked at his daughter in shock. “You, what?”

Looking back at Young, he said “You, commoner, you incited her to do this, didn’t you!”

Turning to his guards, he ordered, “Get rid of this criminal of a man! Execute him now.”

“No, no, no!” Meba screamed and broke free of the grips of the guards, and started running in the direction of Young.

Unfortunately, one of the guards had already shot an arrow towards the heart of Young. Before Kang could stop his daughter, the arrow run through her as she tried to shield Young. With the speed of lightning, both Young and King Kang rushed towards the near-lifeless body of Meba.

“Meba, my princess, are you alright?!” Young asked, sweating. Meba just smiled and gradually closed her eyes, as life slowly left her body. Even in death, Young still found her beautiful. He practically screamed and shed uncontrollable tears. But King Kang shouted at him, “You fool! Look at what you have done to my daughter!”

“It is your bloodthirstiness that cost her life, you beast!” Young retorted. At that, King Kang threw a hefty punch at Young’s face, throwing him to the floor instantly. Just as Young rose to retaliate, an arrow hit Kang in his back, as he landed on the ground, dying instantly. The guards also received their share of arrow shots and they also fell to the ground.

Sunday and Monday emerged from the bushes holding their bows and arrows.

“Thanks, brothers, but you are late, Meba is dead.”

“Oh no!” They said in unison, dropping to the corpse.

“We must give her a befitting burial. That is your responsibility as the chosen one.”


“The ‘offor’ has pointed you out as the next heir to the throne.”

Young could not believe his ears.

“Congrats, Young! You deserve it!” The brothers chorused as they hugged him.

“Let us bury our heroine and head back to the village.”

And that was how the young Young, became the new King of Goha. He released King Kong from his prison and made him his personal advisor. As for Meba, he built a monument in the form of the statue of a Goddess, in her memory and honour. He ruled wisely for many years and rekindled the relations between Goha and Amune.



 [Author: Alex Bruno (Ghana), ©The Telescope International. All Rights Reserved.]

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Table Of Contents

The  Truth

Guy Young sees the secret about Goha.

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Deal Or No Deal

Young accepts to help Meba.

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A Fearful Ride

Meba and Young find their way out of Goha.

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The Blackout

Meba becomes lifeless on their arrival to Amune.

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Meba’s Disappearance

Princess Meba’s disappearance – A worry to the people of Goha.

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A Night Expedition

Young and the old man have a good night time interaction.

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Echoes Of The Sacred ‘Ofor’

What happened beyond the stony path?

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A Secret To The Throne

The ultimate legacy of the throne to be revealed.

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Beyond The Journey

Meba’s enthusiasm to get the ‘ofor’.

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A New King Is Chosen

Young becomes the rightful heir to the throne.

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