Startup: Prime Moverless Electrical Generator (Doesn’t Use Any Fuel And It’s Environmentally Friendly)

Prime Moverless Electrical Generator (It Doesn’t Use Any Fuel And It’s Environmentally Friendly).

Product Background

Startup 3.1. - Energy - Prime Moverless Generator - Founders
Founders: Dzifa Blagogee (BA Political Science, UG), Patience Bansah (BSc. Electrical Engineering, UMaT)

The basic concept of an electrical generator is to get an electrical conductor to cut through a magnetic field so that current will be generated through the conductor.

So virtually, all the different types of electrical power generation – Coal-Fired Power Generation, Cogeneration, Combined Cycle, Distributed Generation, Gas Powered Generation, Gas Turbine etc  – are all aimed at finding a way to turn the rotating parts of the generator (rotor) to cut through a magnetic field in the static part of the generator (stator).

At the moment, coal is the top energy source for the generation of electric power, representing 40% of the global supply of electric power. But because fossil fuels are a major producer of greenhouse gases, they are not environmentally friendly and most  environment-conscious governments have started turning away from them in favor of renewable energy.

If a system is designed to completely get rid of the prime-mover system of a generator, then obviously, there wouldn’t be any need to look for a fuel source for turning the rotor.


The Product

Startup 3.1. - Energy - Prime Moverless Generator - mainPrime Moverless Electrical Generator is a hybrid electrical generator that can produce both Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) at the same time.

It can also be used as a motor whilst it is generating the electricity.

It only needs a starting input current (from a battery) to excite its windings and generate the initial current. Afterwards, the initial current is fed back to the input/source and the battery source is cut off from the supply.

By thus, it becomes a self-sustaining electrical machine.


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