Project: Our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme

Project 3.3 - Volu - Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme

Project: Our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme

As part of the training programme of The Telescope Campus Journalists Network (TTCJN), Telescopes (members) are taken through a volunteerism programme so as to imbue in them, the spirit of patriotism, volunteerism and selflessness, so that wherever they find themselves, they will be willing to help the less endowed in society.

Our volunteerism programme has different aspects and the one related to education is known as the Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme,

Basically, it is an education & a mentorship programme that Telescopes undertake in deprived communities to help the basic schools in those communities to improve upon their performances.


Successes Chalked

We started our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme during the 2016/2017 academic year, with authorization from the Ghana Education Service and we successfully executed the programme and made significant impact in our target schools.

We delivered over 150 hours of tuition and impacted the lives of 1169 pupils out of a total student population of 1524 (76.71%) in all the five schools that we undertook the project in.

Through the Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme, our members become selfless and patriotic and they develop qualities such as leadership, mentorship, organizational skills, problem solving abilities and adaptability, which are required for job opportunities and job creation in the corporate world.

We currently have five(5) deprived basic schools that we are running our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme at.

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