Project: The Kaizen Boss Lady

Project 1.3 - Entrepreneurship - Kaizen Boss Lady 2

Project: The Kaizen Boss Lady

If you are a woman entrepreneur, who has a passion for business, management and efficiency, then this project is for you.

It is specially for women and has been designed to help women succeed by building their capacities and giving them the tools they need to effectively manage their businesses.

Kaizen is a Japanese word which basically means “Continuous Improvement”.

Organizations are now realizing the importance of Kaizen Approach activities, like continuous improvement programs, and how they can be used with the lean methodology.

This project has the aim of ensuring that, the concept of Kaizen is well understood and its areas of application expanded.


Kaizen Approach – Lean Methodology For Continuous Improvement

As part of this 6-week project, women participants will discover the tools and methods to develop a Kaizen cultural change within their companies.

You will also learn how to enact cultural change in organizations through Kaizen principles, philosophy, action plans, and events.

Again, it will teach you about how you can use the lean methodology to encourage continuous improvement in your team.


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