Project: Resilient Startups Project 2021

Project 1.1 - Entrepreneurship - Resilient Startups Programme 2021

Project: Resilient Startups Project 2021

About the Resilient Startups Project

Available statistics indicate that, most startups fail within their first two years of launching. This indicates that, most of the current models for startup development are not resilient to the many challenges of entrepreneurship – thus, the birth of this project.

The Resilient Startups Project is an initiative by The Telescope Training And Mentorship Academy (TMA), as part of its mission to ensure that the youth are able start their business ventures in a right and sustainable way.

The project seeks to locally facilitate and develop an integrated entrepreneurship support programme (skills building, seed funding, incubation, acceleration), that leverages on the mentors, coaches and training programmes of The Telescope Training And Mentorship Academy (TMA).

The objective is to build investment ready ventures (more than 70% of them being women-led), and linking them to potential funders, as well as being able to link young people to employment opportunities.


What Trainees Will Get

The project is a 6-month Incubator Program that has been designed to help the youth to develop their business ideas from the concept stage to the investment-readiness stage.

Upon signing up, a participant gets the following benefits:

  • Business Development Training & Support.
  • Expert Advisory Service.
  • Mentorship & Coaching.
  • Access To Local & International Markets.
  • Access To Debt And Equity Investment.


If you are interested in sponsoring this project, get in touch with us.

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