Award: Hall Of Fame 2011

00. Hall Of Fame (HOF) 2011 - cover

Award: Hall Of Fame 2011


The Telescope Hall Of Fame is a record documentation of only Telescopes who have performed exceptionally in the operations of TTCJN.

Every year, one hard working member is selected from the entire membership across the whole country and he/she is inducted into the Hall of Fame.  

This can really serve as a big booster to the person’s CV.

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Hall OF Fame 2011

As usual, the event came off during the 2nd Congress of The Telescope Campus Journalists Network (TTCJN). Miss Rhoda Gyepi-Garbrah was inducted into our Hall of Fame, after Mr. Michael Hammond, who was inducted the previous year.

Cover - 0. Cover - 2nd Congress - HOF 2011

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