Event: 3rd Semi-Annual InterChapter Congress

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Event: 3rd Semi-Annual InterChapter Congress

The 3rd Semi-Annual Inter-Chapter Congress (SAIC Congress) of TTCJN was a 2-day congress that was held during the short vacation period after the 1st semester of the 2015/2016 academic year.

It took place between Friday, 9th January, 2016 and Saturday, 10th January, 2016 on the campus of the University of Ghana, Legon.

It was a really fun and exciting event as Telescopes from all the different campuses in Ghana, converged on the University of Ghana campus for two days of fun, networking and programmes review.


3rd SAIC Congress: Day 1 (General Assembly Meeting) – Speeches, Reports & Certifications

On the first day, there was a motivational seminar, at which our Dons (alumni), mentors and coaches gave a lot of motivational speeches and admonitions.

The operations of the various Chapters of TTCJN were reviewed and policy directions reset for a much better achievement in the coming semester.

The day’s events were interspersed with a guitar performance by a Telescope who serenaded all those present with some really good tunes.

And obviously, the event wouldn’t have been complete without our sumptuous and palatable coffee and lunch breaks.

The climax of the events was the certification of graduating Telescopes. TTCJN members who were graduating from school were awarded their TTCJN Certificates and they were very happy. The trainee Telescopes were also inspired and promised to keep working hard so that eventually, they will also get the chance to be certified.

Finally, the Day 1 of the congress was closed with a photo session to save the memories.

3rd SAIC Congress - Day 1 (General Assembly Meeting) - Speeches, Reports & Certifications
3rd SAIC Congress – Day 1 (General Assembly Meeting) – Speeches, Reports & Certifications.(see full album)


Day 2 – Telelympic Games

Day 2 of the 3rd SAIC Congress was our own version of the Olympic Games – affectionately dubbed Telelympic Games.

We had a lot of fun and games in the pool. There was a lot of socialization and fun activities like the piggy back race in the pool, swimming lessons, ball in thighs race and many more

As usual, there was a lot to eat as well.

3rd SAIC Congress - Day 2 - Telelympic Games
3rd SAIC Congress – Day 2 – Telelympic Games.(see full album)

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