Event: 4th Semi-Annual InterChapter Congress

Cover - 4th Congress - Day 2 - Telelympic Games - Pool Games

Event: 4th Semi-Annual InterChapter Congress

Congress Overview

Cover - 4th Congress - Day 3 - Conference
The Inter-Chapter Executives Conference Meeting during the 4th Congress.

The 4th Semi-Annual Inter-Chapter Congress (SAIC Congress) of TTCJN was held between 6th – 8th August, 2016 on the campus of the University of Ghana, Legon. As is done every half-year, Telescopes (trainees) from the different TTCJN Chapters, gathered on the University of Ghana campus to review the previous semester’s work, socialize and network.

Present at the event was Mr. David Twumasi-Minkah, our Founder and Continental Executive Director (FCED) as well as other officials from The Telescope International’s headquarters. Also present were the patrons of the TTCJN Chapters on the campuses of University of Ghana and the Ghana Institute of Journalism. The Telescope Dons (our Alumni) too were represented by Mr. Michael Hammond and Mr. Ernest Norgbe.

The whole congress was a 3-day programme and included a General Assembly Meeting, Telelympic Games and an ICE Conference.


Day 1 (General Assembly Meeting)

Day 1 (General Assembly Meeting) – Speeches And Reports

Day 1 was the General Assembly Meeting. Here, the various Chapter Managers of TTCJN gave reports on their respective TTCJN Chapters. The gains and successes made so far, as well as the challenges and suggestions for improvements. There were also speeches, motivational messages and admonitions from our patrons, mentors and coaches, as well as our Dons.

The event was interlaced with a lunch & coffee break, musical interludes and an energizer game called “Concentration”. Also, new Chapter and  National Executives were inducted into office.

4th Congress - Day 1 (General Assembly Meeting) - Speeches And Reports
Pictures of the General Assembly Meeting. (see full album)


Day 2 (Telelympic Games)

Day 2 (Telelympic Games) – InPool Session

Day 2 of the 4th SAIC Congress was our own version of the Olympic Games – affectionately dubbed Telelympic Games.

Day 2 was the Fun Day at the pool side, and definitely, we couldn’t have games at the pool side and not have fun in the pool.

There was a lot of socialization and fun activities like the piggy back race in the pool, swimming lessons, ball in thighs race and many more.

And yhh…… there was a lot to eat as well.

4th Congress - Day 2 (Telelympic Games) - InPool Session
Pictures of the Telelympic Games – InPool Session. (see full album)


Day 2 (Telelympic Games)- OutPool Session

This aspect of the Telelympic Games was very electrifying. Pitching the guys against the ladies in a tug of war match, was really a site to behold.

Dzifa unfortunately lost her title as the Concentration Game Champ. And as usual, there was a lot to eat and drink.

In fact, it was really memorable, and we all looked forward to the next one.

4th Congress - Day 2 (Telelympic Games)- OutPool Session.
Pictures of the Telelympic Games – OutPool Session. (see full album)


Day 3 (ICE Conference)

Day 3 (ICE Conference) – Conference Session

The 3rd Day of the 4th SAIC Congress was the Inter-Chapter Executives Conference (ICE Conference).

Here, all the officers of TTCJN from all the member campuses as well as the Council of Five (National Officers), had a special session with Mr. David Twumasi-Minkah, the Founder and Continental Executive Director (FCED) of The Telescope International (the mother organisation).

Operational Plans were discussed for the coming semester, and the reports of the various Chapters were also reviewed.

The FCED, Mr. Minkah, was really insightful. In fact, God should bless that man. He is really a visionary. He carefully schooled the new officers on the vision of TTCJN and also guided them on how to design their Action Plans for the following semester.

The reports of the various Chapters also showed that, indeed, TTCJN was really influencing students, helping them to develop themselves and gain working experience whilst still in school, and thus, was preparing them very well for life after school.

4th Congress - Day 3 (ICE Conference) - Conference Session.
Pictures of the ICE Conference. (see full album).


Day 3 (ICE Conference) – Movie Break & Photos

At long last, the whole Congress was at an end.

Both officers and participants agreed that indeed, it was a worthwhile experience and they had all benefited a lot.

The ICE Conference was the final signing out event of the three-day congress, so it went out with a bang!!!

As usual, there was a lot to eat and drink. But this time around, there was a Movie Break in addition.

4th Congress - Day 3 (ICE Conference) - Movie Break & Photos.
Pictures of the ICE Conference Movie Break & Photo Session. (see full album)


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