Volunteerism: Edu-Mentor Volu. Prog.: Imam Khomeini Islamic Basic School – Over 68 Hours Of Tuition (241 Pupils Impacted)

2017 - awards - list - volu - imam khomeni - cover

Volunteerism: Edu-Mentor Volu. Prog. | Imam Khomeini Islamic Basic School – Over 68 Hours Of Tuition (241 Pupils Impacted)


Cover - Volu 2016-2 - UCC
One of our volunteers giving lessons in English.

As per the objectives of our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme, each member is supposed to dedicate at least two hours a week of his/her time, to go and teach in a deprived school near his/her campus, so as to develop the spirit of selflessness and love for country.

In that regard, the University of Cape Cost Chapter of TTCJN (TTCJN-UCC Chapter) sought permission from the Ghana Education Service office in Cape Coast, and carried out its very first voluntary teaching service at the Imam Khomeini Islamic Basic School. It was a three-week operation which started on 27th February, 2017 and ended on 22nd March, 2017.

The subjects thought were English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, Integrated Science, Religious and Moral Education, Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Citizenship Education. We didn’t only teach them the theoretical aspects of the subjects. We also took them through some practicals; especially, the ICT lessons.

Periodically, officials from the headquarters of The Telescope International, went round to inspect and monitor our volunteers and see them in action. The pupils were enthusiastic and their reception and contribution to our teaching lessons were amazing. This made the classes really interesting. The staff also contributed well and did not hesitate to give a helping hand whenever it was necessary.

2017 - awards - list - volu - imam khomeni - 1
Our UCC volunteers and some of the pupils.

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At the end of last academic year’s session of the Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme, we delivered over 68 hours of tuition and were able to impact the lives of about 241 pupils out of a total student population of 460 (52.39%). We helped reduce the burden on the staff, encouraged the students to learn by sharing our life stories with them, and also helped light up their spirits.

We did our best in all endeavors with respect to this project, and strongly believe that, we have made a positive impact in the lives of the pupils. We did not only establish a formal relationship with the pupils, because in the end, they also saw us as big brothers/big sisters and role models.

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