Volunteerism: Edu-Mentor Volu. Prog.: 3 Basic Schools In Upper West – Over 54 Hours Of Tuition, 480 Pupils Impacted (84.96%)

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Volunteerism: Edu-Mentor Volu. Prog. | 3 Basic Shools In Upper West – Over 54 Hours Of Tuition : 480 Pupils Impacted (84.96%)


2017 - awards - list - volu - upper west - 1
One of our volunteers teaching the pupils.

Unlike the other regions where we had just one school to handle in each region, in the Upper West Region, we had to handle three (3) different basic schools, namely: Danko Islamic Primary School, Kparisaga MA Primary School and Piisi RC Primary School located respectively at Danko, Kparisaga and Piisi, all within the environs of Wa, the regional capital.

The TTCJN Chapter on the campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS-Wa), was in charge of the Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme for the three basic schools.

Due to the academic schedule of the volunteers, it was preferable to go and teach the pupils during the weekends rather than during the weekdays.

So unlike the other campuses where the pupils were always in their uniforms when they met the volunteers, for the schools here, they mostly came to the classes in their mufti attires. In spite of that, the pupils were enthusiastic and their contribution to our lessons were amazing, which made the classes really interesting.

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Class lessons were delivered in accordance with the class syllabus and the volunteers were supervised by the respective class teachers or subject teachers. Additionally, photos were taken during the teaching lessons to serve as evidence that indeed each volunteer actually went there to teach on that particular day.

At the end of last academic year’s session of the programme, we delivered over 54 hours of tuition and were able to impact the lives of about 480 pupils out of a total student population of 565 (84.96%).

It was a really good experience for the TTCJN members and a big help to the staff of the school as we helped reduce the burden on them greatly.

2017 - awards - list - volu - upper west - 2
Some of the pupils that were present for the Saturday classes.

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