Volunteerism: 2016/2017 Academic Year:- 5 Basic Schools, 150 Hours Of Tuition, 1169 Pupils Impacted (76.71%)

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2016/2017 Academic Year:- 5 Basic Schools : 150 Hours Of Tuition : 1169 Pupils Impacted (76.71%)


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One of our volunteers guiding a pupil in his studies.

At the end of the 2016/2017 academic year, we achieved a lot of success with respect to our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme.

Per the design of the programme, each member volunteers at least two (2) hours of his/her time each week, to teach students in a deprived basic school near his/her campus. The Ghana Education Service recommends the schools and we go and volunteer there. Since TTCJN has chapters across all the major tertiary institutions in the country, the programme is carried out simultaneously across the entire country.

Through the Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme, our members become selfless and patriotic and they develop qualities such as leadership, mentorship, organizational skills, problem solving abilities and adaptability, which are required for job opportunities and job creation in the corporate world.

We delivered over 150 hours of tuition and impacted the lives of 1169 pupils out of a total student population of 1524 (76.71%) in all the five schools that we undertook the project in.


Successes Chalked

We started our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme during the 2016/2017 academic year, with authorization from the Ghana Education Service and we successfully executed the programme and made significant impact in the following schools:

  1. Greater Accra Region: Abokobi Presby “1” Basic School – Abokobi, Accra. (Article | Photos )
  2. Central Region: Imam Khomeini Islamic Basic School – Cape Coast. (Article | Photos)
  3. Upper West Region: Danko Islamic Primary School – Wa. (Article | Photos)
  4. Upper West Region: Kparisaga MA Primary School – Wa. (Article | Photos)
  5. Upper West Region: Piisi RC Primary School – Wa. (Article | Photos)

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At the end of the academic year, we delivered over 150 hours of tuition and impacted the lives of 1169 pupils out of a total student population of 1524 (76.71%) in all the five schools that we undertook the project in.

We helped reduce the burden on the staff and we did not only establish a formal relationship with the pupils, but they also saw us as big brothers/big sisters and role models. Above all, the main factor or reason of portraying patriotism and helping the less privileged in our society, was achieved.

The beneficiary schools were so impressed with our work that some of them decided to honour us with testimonials of appreciation.

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Mr. Minkah being congratulated by the Heads of Imam Khomeni Islamic Basic School (left) and Abokobi Presby “1” Basic School.


2017 - awards - list - volu - edumentor-2
Testimonials presented to us by Abokobi Primary “1” Basic School (left) and Imam Khomeni Islamic Basic School (Right).


Monitoring And Evaluation

To ensure that the programme was well run and executed, effective monitoring mechanisms were put in place and officials from the headquarters of the organization went round the various beneficiary schools to supervise and direct the volunteers on better ways to make the programme work.

Mr. Minkah says that, as Founder and Continental Executive Director, this volunteerism programme is very dear to his heart. So he went round himself with the rest of the headquarters monitoring team, to the various schools. They met with the various headmasters of the beneficiary schools as well as the Directors of Education of their respective Municipal Assemblies.

They were very happy with our project, and awarded us with Testimonials. They implored us to keep up the good work and requested that we continue it next academic year, to which we said a big yes.

2017 - awards - list - volu - edumentor-3
Mr. Minkah and the headquarters monitoring team making rounds at the beneficiary schools.

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