(Don) Dzifa Blagogee Facilitates Europe’s Leading Series Lecture Meetings

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Alumnus (2018): University of Ghana Chapter (Health And Social Care Worker – UK: Leadership, Activism, Volunteering)

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The Keele World Affairs Lectures – U.K, is Europe’s Leading Series Lecture Meetings on International Politics and Global Issues. To be invited to participate in this lecture is a great honour and not so many people get the opportunity.

(Don) Dzifa Blagogee, is currently a Health And Social Care Worker in the UK.  However, she has been doing a lot of work in Mentorship, Volunteerism, Leadership and Activism; especially, during her time at Keele University, UK  and Caudwell Children, U.K. She was the Equality and Diversity Officer for the Keele Postgraduate Association and was also the Lead for Keele Black Lives Matter.

Dzifa, due to her dedication and excellence, was given the opportunity to volunteer with the organization between November 2019 and March 2020. During the World Affairs Lectures, she was responsible for facilitating the “Question and Answer” sessions during discussions on international politics and global issues.

We are proud of her as one of our Telescope Dons (alumni)



(Don) Dzifa Blagogee is part of the 2018 year group of the TTCJN alumni. She belonged to the University of Ghana Chapter.

She was very hard working and committed and due to her diligence and competence, she was appointed as the Chapter Manageress of her chapter. During her tenure as Chapter Manageress, membership increased by 25% and revenue from the sale of our intercampus newspaper also increased by a similar margin.

awards - Dzifa - TTCJN Days
Dzifa volunteering at the Abokobi Presby 1 Basic School.

She has a high team spirit and is able to really motivate her subordinates to work towards any objective. The role involved organizing volunteer activities, the sale of our newspapers, class-class recruitments and inter-chapter conferences. She handled all those responsibilities quite meticulously.

She is also a selfless and patriotic person who loves to volunteer to help the less privileged in society. She was very instrumental in the establishment and implementation of our Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme which seeks to assist deprived basic schools with teaching and mentorship. As a pacesetter for the Edu-Mentor Volunteerism Programme, she volunteered 6 hours of tuition and mentorship and was able to impact the lives of 150 of 499 pupils (30%) at the Abokobi Presby ‘1’ Basic School in Accra, Ghana.

She did her part both as a Telescope and leader, and eventually graduated as a Front Page Correspondent (Level 3 Rank).

Read more about her leadership, activism, volunteerism and impact activities.

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