(Don) Ernest Norgbe Impacting In Volunteerism And Mentorship

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Alumnus (2011): Accra Technical University Chapter – Ghana (Business Development Manager, African Trust Capital Limited – Ghana: Mentoring, Volunteering, Leadership)


(Don) Ernest Norgbe is part of the 2011 year group of the TTCJN alumni. He was the Chapter Manager of the Accra Technical University Chapter of TTCJN, and eventually rose to the national level as the National Co-ordinator for Chapter Affairs.

He is currently a Business Development Manager at African Trust Capital Limited and his work ethic is just exceptional.


Mentoring, Volunteering And Leadership Activities

In spite of his busy schedule, he still makes time to volunteer and mentor the youth. He is a member of the Accra Labone LEO club, of the Lions Clubs International and has been making a lot of impact through his pro bono services.

Below are some of the volunteering activities he has participated in, as well as and mentoring activities he is currently engaged in:

  • Two (2) young people are under his direct mentorship.
  • He was a participant in World Clean up day beach clean up in September 2019.
  • He led a blood donation exercise for Abelenkpe Presby church on 6 August 2017.
  • With the help of the Abelenkpe Presby church and the Labone LEO club, he fed the less privileged around the Accra Mall area.
  • He has been offering teaching assistance to BECE candidates of the Abelenkpe Presby church since 2018.

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